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New green fuels in the spotlight »

The Department for Transport is seeking evidence by 21 February on the current state of advanced fuel development, in order to understand more about the deployment potential of various fuel technologies and the help needed.

News round-up: EU emissions, food security, Green Deal, river catchments, bus emissions »

Sustainable development news from government and public bodies: call for ambitious EU emissions target, global food security, Green Deal encourages energy saving, catchment approach to river health, reducing bus emissions.

Using behavioural insights for more sustainable transport »

The Department for Transport's new Behavioural Insights Toolkit provides practical, step-by-step guidance on how to design more effective sustainable transport initiatives using insights from behavioural theory and social research.

Sustainable Development Research Network: a background note »

As SD Scene focuses on research, the Sustainable Development Research Network describes its remit to facilitate evidence-based sustainable development policy through events, communication and research reviews.

Healthy lives, healthy people »

Recent Department of Health strategies on public health and mental health recognise the role of health in sustainable development, delivering long-term environmental and financial benefits to society.

A new action plan for green Government »

Following David Cameron’s announcement in May that this would be the “greenest government ever”, Defra has published a new action plan to drive sustainable operations and procurement across Government.

Transport for a genuinely sustainable society »

Addressing the IBM Summit at Start, Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond asserts the Coalition Government’s commitment to “the sustainability agenda in everything it does, including transport”.

ICT key to sustainable transport »

The SDC's Smarter Moves report proposes greater use of ICT to reduce emissions, while the DfT outlines plans for more low emission vehicles.