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Joining up health and social care »

Leaders in health and care have signed up to commitments on how they will help local areas integrate services in order to achieve high quality, compassionate care that results in better health and wellbeing.

The health effects of climate change »

The Health Effects of Climate Change in the UK 2012, produced jointly by the Department of Health and the Health Protection Agency, details the impact climate change is having and is likely to have on the health of UK citizens.

Healthy lives, healthy people: improving public health outcomes »

The Department of Health has refreshed the Public Health Outcomes Framework, originally published in January 2012 to set out the desired outcomes for public health over a 3-year period, and how they will be measured.

Higher standards for food in hospitals and schools »

To help schools and hospitals adopt the Government Buying Standards for food and catering services, Defra has published reports on two projects to pilot the standards, alongside other moves to improve school and hospital food.

The Sustainable Social Care Programme »

Introducing a DH commissioned programme to encourage local authorities promote sustainable development across adult social care, particularly to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to climate change.

Healthy lives, healthy people »

Recent Department of Health strategies on public health and mental health recognise the role of health in sustainable development, delivering long-term environmental and financial benefits to society.

Sustainable development for a fairer and healthier society »

The link between social conditions and health should be the main focus of health improvement, says the Marmot Review's report, Fair Society, Healthy Lives. Sustainable development has a key role to play in achieving a fairer society and tackling health inequalities.