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Second annual State of Natural Capital report »

The Natural Capital Committee, established to give independent advice to Government on the state of England's natural capital, is due to publish its second annual State of Natural Capital Report in March.

News round-up: fishing policy, climate change, Green Deal, biomass »

Sustainable development news from government: new Common Fishing Policy; UK responds to EU on climate change; more Green Deal cashback available; Ed Davey opens biomass generator at Drax.

Priority actions for England’s most threatened species »

Natural England's Biodiversity 2020 programme has published a landmark resource to help protect and enhance England's most vulnerable and threatened species, setting out what needs to be done to help them recover.

Survey for completion about Defra’s Sustainable Development Indicators (SDIs) »

Defra's Sustainable Development Statistics team would like your feedback on the Sustainable Development Indicators (SDIs).

Action based research for sustainable living »

Defra is working on a programme of Action Based Research projects, using a combination of research, participation and action to tackle particular policy problems and provide valuable case studies of innovative models for sustainable business.

Preventing waste for a more resource efficient economy »

Defra has published Prevention is better than cure, setting out the new Waste Prevention Programme for England and articulating the actions for government and others which together will move us towards reducing waste.

Improving the integrity and assurance of Britain’s food supply networks »

The interim report of the Elliott review into the integrity and assurance of food supply networks sets out the complex nature of food fraud and suggests a systems-based approach to tackling food crime.

Greening Government Commitments – second annual report »

The second annual report of progress on the Greening Government Commitments shows government delivering more efficient estates and operations by reducing emissions, waste and water use, and procuring more sustainably.

Consultation on Waste Transfer Notes and waste carrier legislation for England and Wales »

The Government is seeking views on proposals for greater flexibility on documents that can be used as an alternative to a Waste Transfer Note, which the ‘Red Tape Challenge’ concluded are burdensome for some small businesses.

Green infrastructure as a catalyst for economic growth »

A report commissioned by Defra and Natural England assesses the extent to which green infrastructure acts as a catalyst for economic growth through consideration of logic chains and case studies.