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The Big Green Bundle: engaging staff on green issues

Gill Morris, climate change & sustainability officer at Cheltenham Borough Council, introduces the Big Green Bundle, a new online toolkit designed to help organisations deliver in-house staff engagement campaigns to support reduction of CO2 emissions.

The Big Green Bundle aims to help inspire participation among employees in initiatives to green organisations.

What makes The Big Green Bundle different is that it uses Defra’s environmental segmentation model to divide employees into seven different groups depending on their attitudes and beliefs towards the environment, environmental issues and behaviours.

Big Green Bundle

The Centre of Expertise on Influencing Behaviours at Defra gave the Cheltenham Low Carbon Partnership permission to use the questionnaire developed for their research as the basis for The Big Green Bundle. The questionnaire identifies the ‘green group’ an individual falls into, allowing organisations to tailor their campaigns and engage with employees more effectively. The overall aim is to make it easy to go green.

Using the Big Green Bundle

The Big Green Bundle is aimed at the person (or team) within an organisation tasked with engaging staff on green issues.

The first thing they do is run the questionnaire; depending on their target audience, it can be run with an entire workforce or with a specific group of people. The advantage of dividing employees into ‘green groups’ before beginning any engagement campaign is that it gives the campaign coordinator a greater insight into the different views held about the environment within their organisation. The toolkit explains the characteristics of each green group and gives guidance on the types of messages and resources likely to work best with each one and why. So, depending on how their target audience is represented (Positive Greens, Stalled Starters, Waste Watchers etc), the coordinator can choose the most appropriate messages and resources for his/her audience and develop a staff engagement campaign which is targeted and therefore more effective.

As well as the questionnaire and the guidance, The Big Green Bundle is also a ‘one-stop-shop’ for a wide variety of resources, so a campaign coordinator will find everything they need to run a successful campaign in one place.

Background to the Bundle

The Big Green Bundle is relevant to organisations of all different types and sizes and can be used across a whole business or with a specific group. It is a free resource, available to everyone, and is administered by a local climate change charity, Vision 21.

The toolkit has been developed by Cheltenham Low Carbon Partnership, coordinated and funded by Cheltenham Borough Council, and bringing together a number of major local employers to work on reducing carbon emissions. Over the past 5 years all the members of the Partnership have undertaken a range of staff engagement exercises to help spread the carbon reduction message within their respective organisations. These have had a positive effect generally with some striking examples of success in a few organisations but more modest, less easily measurable results in others. We have gathered together all the lessons learned by the partners from their experiences of engaging with staff and have assembled the best of them together in this resource pack.


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