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Duncan Grant, 'Bathing' 1911

Duncan Grant

Bathing 1911

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  • Context : Highlights of the Tate collection

    A selection assembled by Tate curators to give you a flavour of the collection

  • Subject : World War I

    Many artists across Europe experienced the First World War at close hand

  • Artist : Lynn Chadwick

    2014 is the centenary year for this key figure of mid-century modernism

  • Style or '-ism' : Surrealism

    One of the most influential of all twentieth-centuiry art movements unleashed dreams, nightmares and fantasies in visual form

  • Subject : Ghosts

    Spectres and phantoms crept their way into the art of the romantic era and have continued to lurk in the shadows of modern art

  • Style or '-ism' : Abstract Expressionism

    American painters grabbed the world's attention after the Second World War with big, bold canvases, once seen as the culmination of the Western painting tradition

  • Subject : Theatre

    Artists have always been fascinated by the world of the theatre, perhaps because the role of illusion and representation on the stage mirrors artistic practice

  • Subject : Bicycles

    The Tate collection contains bikes of all shapes and sizes

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