Warship marks 40 year anniversary


HMS Daring

On a cold and windy morning in Danang last week  this year of celebration and ambition drew towards a spectacular end, as HMS Daring sailed in, the first British warship ever to do so.

Britain’s first Defence Attache resident at Hanoi, Group Captain Tim Below, walked up the gangplank with me to be greeted by the ship’s outstanding captain, Commander Angus Essenhigh.  Since General Nguyen Chi Vinh and Lord Astor of Hever signed our first defence agreement in 2011 we have come far.

Welcome Ceremony

Welcome Ceremony

Danang People’s Committee, the Ministry of National Defence and the Vietnamese Navy were with us to welcome HMS Daring.  We have reached this new milestone together.

The friendly visit of one of the world’s most technically advanced warships, which recently delivered medicine and water to the typhoon-damaged Philippines, shows our serious ambition for a stronger UK presence in South East Asia.  We are building a partnership for peace, underpinned by international law, in the region and in the wider world.

I wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas!

Crew of HMS Daring

Crew of HMS Daring

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  1. Moonie says:

    I have learnt new things (at least that it was not warm all year round in Danang!) and had new friends after this unforgettable visit. Thank you for making it happen… Happy new year!

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