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UK Ambassador’s Farewell to the UAE

Ambassadors have a short shelf life. Three years is about the average for UK ambassadorial postings, so I am a rarity to have been British Ambassador in the UAE for over four years from April 2010 until the end of this week.  A lot of important business has been achieved during this period – political, commercial, and looking after the British community here.  Between us, the UK and the UAE … Read more »UK Ambassador’s Farewell to the UAE

Ukraine: why the Crimean referendum is a mockery.

With the political crisis in Ukraine intensifying over the past month, the world’s attention has been focused on Crimea, a peninsula that is roughly a third of the size of the UAE and is almost completely surrounded by the Black Sea. The Crimean Parliament is being occupied by Russian soldiers. Voting in secret and not allowing opposition MPs in, it made a decision on the 6th March to hold a … Read more »Ukraine: why the Crimean referendum is a mockery.

Diversity, Gender and the Protection against Sexual Violence around the World

The following appears as a guest blog by The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Fiona Woolf. As only the second female Lord Mayor in 800 years, International Women’s Day provides an important opportunity to reflect on how attitudes towards gender and diversity have changed over the past century since it was first held.  We have come a long way in that period but there is still a … Read more »Diversity, Gender and the Protection against Sexual Violence around the World

Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade Together

They say the British are mad about animals. Perhaps, but we certainly are about wildlife, which is why I’m pleased to see the UK at the heart of an international drive to combat the illegal trade in wildlife – a significant environmental problem, threatening biodiversity and ecosystems across the globe.  This is much more than an ‘environmental’ issue for the specialists – it should concern us all; this trade threatens … Read more »Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade Together

Red Arrows

I have never hung upside down in a plane before this week.  Since I was a little boy, I have marvelled at the acrobatics of the Royal Air Force’s Red Arrows.  Everyone in the UK knows about them.  Every kid wants to be up there flying with them.  This week, for me, that boyhood dream came true! The Red Arrows are in the UAE right now for the Dubai and … Read more »Red Arrows

EXPO 2020

Supporting Dubai’s bid for Expo 2020 very publicly was a big deal for the UK.  We had never come out publicly to support an Expo candidate city before. But Dubai was different.  Let me explain why. There were some excellent competitors among the Expo candidate cities. But we judged Dubai’s bid was outstanding. There were many reasons for this. Firstly, Expo is a great showcase for innovation – it seemed … Read more »EXPO 2020

Reasons to Be Cheerful!

Today, the United Arab Emirates celebrates its 42nd National Day, an occasion that encourages all of us – Emiratis and residents in this great country – to let our hair down and have fun. I’ve been out at the Al Ain Air Show with the family this weekend, an awesome display of aerial talent (and I am very proud that the RAF’s Red Arrows and Typhoon teams were at the … Read more »Reasons to Be Cheerful!

How the UK is working to return stolen assets to the Arab World

Senior Government Officials from the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and 40 other countries will take part in the 2nd Arab Forum for Asset Recovery (AFAR II) which will be held in Morocco from October 26th- 28th 2013 and is co-hosted by the UK and Morocco. The Arab Forum for Asset Recovery was established under the US Presidency last year to encourage cooperation on asset recovery between the Arab countries in … Read more »How the UK is working to return stolen assets to the Arab World

London and Dubai to help Islamic Finance thrive

In January this year, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai revealed his vision to position Dubai as the Global Capital of the Islamic Economy, and two months later, the UK Government launched the UK’s first Islamic Finance Task Force to cement London’s status as the western hub for Islamic finance by showcasing the UK as the preferred choice for … Read more »London and Dubai to help Islamic Finance thrive

Working for the British Embassy

The following is a guest post by Ali Al Sayegh. I have always considered the UK as a home away from home. Since I was a child I remember spending almost every summer in London where all my family members would gather as somewhat a family tradition. Therefore, when I was presented with the opportunity to be an intern at the British Embassy I thought what could be better to … Read more »Working for the British Embassy