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Hepatitis C National Register


The Hepatitis C National Register was established in 1998 and is coordinated by Dr Helen Harris. The aim of the register is to inform the natural history of HCV infection in the UK.

The register was initially funded by the Department of Health and is based at the Health Protection Agency in London. A multidisciplinary team, under the guidance of an expert steering group, undertakes the work of the register.

The register contains anonymised data for one of the largest cohorts of patients in Europe who have acquired their hepatitis C infections on a known date; the majority of these cases are transfusion recipients who were traced during the national HCV lookback programme.

Systematic collection of clinical data using standardised report forms allows data to be gathered in a uniform way approximately every two years. These data, along with mortality data for cases and controls, allow the clinical course of HCV infection to be established, and risk factors for progressive disease to be investigated.

Ongoing recruitment of paediatric and other HCV infections with known dates of acquisition enables us to inform and compare the natural history of HCV infection in other important patient groups.


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