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Emergency Preparedness and Planning

Male and female firefighter in fire engine wearing helmets

Public Health England's Emergency Response Department delivers a suite of emergency response training courses. The training is aimed at individuals who have a role to play in the response to a major incident, from the Emergency Planning Officer who is involved in this area on a professional basis to the On-call Director or Loggist who is called upon to fill a role only occasionally.

Whatever their involvement, it is vital that all staff are trained to a level where they feel both competent and confident in undertaking their duties.

The training is delivered in an interactive style designed to engage participants and give them the skills and knowledge they require to perform their roles. Many of our courses are endorsed by the Emergency Planning Society and some are also accredited for Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) Awards by Edexcel.

We deliver funded training throughout the National Health Service (NHS) in England; in addition we are able to offer training to the NHS and other organisations who wish to fund the training themselves.

As well as delivering training courses, we design bespoke training (including e-learning) resources for those involved in Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response such as DVDs and training packages for in-house delivery by the organisation concerned.

The exercise design capability supports team training on a sliding scale such as for specific roles for example running operation coordination rooms, workshops to rehearse organisational response and more demanding exercises in a multi-agency context. Such team training can be supported with facilitation and evaluation staff or by provision of exercise materials for self delivery.

The Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Team is responsible for the delivery of a GIS training program aimed at developing the skills of a growing number of GIS users throughout Public Health England. The program consists of a series of modules each containing exercises that have been designed to support the use of GIS software and data. The training is flexible and can be delivered as formal training sessions, self study or as workshops. Please contact the GIS Team ( if you are interested in our training program.

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