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Specialist Microbiology Services

Welcome to Specialist Microbiology Services

The PHE Specialist Microbiology Services (SMS) consists of 8 specialist clinical laboratories operating across England. These laboratories provide a comprehensive range of clinical diagnostic and public health microbiology tests and services to the NHS and allied healthcare providers sector.

The SMS also includes a further five dedicated food, water and environmental (FW&E) testing laboratories who undertake statutory testing for the NHS, local authorities, and other key stakeholders.

A lead public health laboratory (PHL) is designated for each of the English regions where they act as collaborative hubs affecting comprehensive geographic coverage in pursuit of core public health objectives.

Which service do you require?

This section has been designed to provide practical information to help you find your nearest Public Health or FW&E lab and the services available to you. Depending on your sample requirements select the link below to find your nearest laboratory.


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