Natural England - The Wash: how to get there

The Wash: how to get there

The Wash National Nature Reserve is in Lincolnshire and Norfolk.

The reserve spreads across the southern reaches of the Wash and can be accessed along minor roads from the A17, between King’s Lynn and Sutton Bridge.

We encourage the use of sustainable transport whenever possible.

By cycle

There is good cycle access, with cycle stands at both Kirton Marsh and Point Green. King’s Lynn is on the junction of National Route 1external link and National Route 11external link of the Sustrans National Cycle Network.

By train

The nearest station is Kings Lynnexternal link.

By bus

Bus services along the A17 between King’s Lynn and Sutton Bridge are provided by Norfolk Green and Cavalier Travel. However, the stops are on the A17, four miles from the reserve.

By car

The main car parks are at:

  • Kirton Marsh – access from small roads from Kirton.
  • Point Green – access through the King’s Lynn Dock.
  • A Lincolnshire council-run car park on the east side of the River Nene near the East Lighthouse also known as the Sir Peter Scott lighthouse.

On foot

A number of footpaths and trails can be found throughout the reserve, providing access to the NNR from local towns and villages.

The Peter Scott Walkexternal link uns along the coastline, along the top of the sea wall that encloses the Wash. The walk runs from the mouth of the River Ouse, starting at West Lynn, by the King’s Lynn ferry stop, to the River Nene, by the East Lighthouse, in Wingland, near Sutton Bridge. Though there is easy access to the walk, it is not suitable for wheelchairs.

At Point Green, a circular walk can be found starting from a small car park found at the end of rough track leading from the King’s Lynn docks. From here there is an easy access track that leads to a boardwalk, providing spectacular views of the North Wotton saltmarsh, with interpretation panels available. Past the boardwalk, the path will lead to the point where the River Babingley joins the River Great Ouse – an excellent place to spot a variety of birds resting on the banks of the river.

Kirton Marsh, near Boston, is one of the oldest and most extensive stretches of saltmarsh on the Wash and adjoins the RSPB Frampton reserve. It became part of the NNR in 2005 and has a large car park, with interpretation panels and disabled access to a screen hide overlooking a grass pool on the grassland.

 The nearest toilet and refreshment facilities are in Sutton Bridge, by the River Nene, and picnic tables are provided at the East Lighthouse car park.

Please note that planning permission have been granted to the Snowgoose Wildlife Trust to build a visitor centre in the grounds of the East Lighthouse. For more information, please visit the Snowgoose Trust websiteexternal link.