Natural England - Coastal Access in Cumbria: Allonby to Whitehaven

Coastal Access in Cumbria: Allonby to Whitehaven

On Monday 17 December 2012 we submitted a report to the Secretary of State setting out our proposals for improved access to the Cumbria coast between Allonby to Whitehaven.

The period for making formal representations and objections about the report closed at 5pm on Monday 11 February 2013. Our proposals will now be considered by the Secretary of State.

The report is published below as a series of separate documents:

  • Read the Overview: (2.38mb)pdf document first, which includes background information to help you understand the proposals and maps.
  • Next, use the index map below to find the number of the length of coast you are interested in.
  • Then open the corresponding proposals and map in the table below the index map for more information.

Please note: some maps are large files and may take some time to open.

overview map

Proposal for each chapterLength of coastProposals
Chapter 1: (121kb)pdf documentAllonby to Mealo HouseMap 1.1: (933kb)pdf document
Mealo House to the SaltpansMap 1.2: (824kb)pdf document
The Saltpans to Maryport Golf CourseMap 1.3: (836kb)pdf document
Maryport Golf Course to Bank End FarmMap 1.4: (845kb)pdf document
Bank End Farm to Alauna Roman FortMap 1.5: (930kb)pdf document
Chapter 2: (166kb)pdf documentAlauna Roman Fort to GlassonMap 2.1: (1.09mb)pdf document
Glasson to FothergillMap 2.2: (844kb)pdf document
Fothergill to Flimby Chemical WorksMap 2.3: (826kb)pdf document
Flimby Chemical Works to St HelensMap 2.4: (623kb)pdf document
St Helens to SiddickMap 2.5: (629kb)pdf document
Siddick to Port of WorkingtonMap 2.6: (927kb)pdf document
Chapter 3: (136kb)pdf documentPort of Workington to Derwent Howe car parkMap 3.1: (927kb)pdf document
Derwent Howe car park to Bessemer Way Bridge (Mossbay)Map 3.2: (878kb)pdf document
Bessemer Way Bridge (Mossbay) to Shore Road (Salterbeck)Map 3.3: (905kb)pdf document
Shore Road (Salterbeck) to HarringtonMap 3.4: (893kb)pdf document
Harrington to Foxpit Gill (Lowca)Map 3.5: (830kb)pdf document
Chapter 4: (135kb)pdf documentFoxpit Gill (Lowca) to Micklam FarmMap 4.1: (817kb)pdf document
Micklam Farm to Parton Railway Station UnderpassMap 4.2: (863kb)pdf document
Parton Railway Station Underpass to Skateboard Park car parkMap 4.3: (931kb)pdf document
Skateboard Park car park to South Beach car parkMap 4.4: (942kb)pdf document

For further information, visit the Allonby to Whitehaven page on our website.