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Quarterly Vaccine Coverage Data Tables

Quarterly COVER reports are published by PHE showing immunisation coverage for each PCT in England. The tables are provisional and give an indication of current coverage, however, annual data should be more complete due to the extra time PCTs/CHIS have to enter data and therefore annual rather than quarterly data should be used to look at longer term trends. Data is collected by financial year.


Q4 - Due to be published 26th June 2015
Q3 - Due to be published 27th March 2015
Q2 - Due to be published 19th December 2014
Q1 - Due to be published 26th September 2014


Q4 COVER data Q13-4 Jan to Mar 2014 (Excel Spreadsheet, 501 KB)
Q3 - COVER data Q13-3 Oct to Dec 2013 (Excel Spreadsheet, 488 KB)
Q2 - COVER data Q13-2 July to Sept 2013 (Excel Spreadsheet, 462 KB) 
Q1 - COVER data Q13-1 Apr to Jun 2013 (Excel Spreadsheet, 254 KB)


Q4 - COVER data Q12-4 Jan to Mar 2013 (Excel Spreadsheet, 187 KB)
Q3 - COVER data Q12-3 Oct to Dec 2012 (Excel Spreadsheet, 155 KB)
Q2 -  COVER data Q12-2 July to Sept 2012 (Excel Spreadsheet, 162 KB)
Q1COVER data Q12-1 Apr to Jun 2012 (Excel Spreadsheet, 132 KB)


Q4 COVER data Q11-4 Jan to Mar 2012.xls (Excel Spreadsheet, 135 KB)  
Q3 COVER data Q11-3 Oct to Dec 2011 (Excel Spreadsheet, 157 KB) 
Q2 COVER data Q11-2 Jul to Sept 2011 (Excel Spreadsheet, 180 KB) 
Q1 COVER data Q11-1 Apr to Jun 2011 (Excel Spreadsheet, 150 KB)






NOTE: 'Q6-3 October to December 2006' is the first quarterly table to incorporate the configurations for Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts in England [external link], created in July and October 2006 respectively as part of the reorganisation of the NHS