Natural England - Holme Dunes NNR

Holme Dunes NNR

Holme Dunes comprises a range of coastal habitats: intertidal sands and mud, sand and shingle bars, saltmarsh, sand dune, freshwater and salty pools and grazing marshes.

Holme Dunes NNR

Where: Norfolk

Main habitat: Coastal

Management: Although most NNRs are managed by Natural England, some are wholly or partly managed by other bodies approved by Council, under Section 35 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Holme Dunes NNR is owned and managed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

Further information about the NNR, its wildlife and how to visit can be found on the Holme Dunesexternal link website.

Contact information

Norfolk Wildlife Trust
Tel: 01485 525240