The projects in this programme represent the first organised cross-sector effort in UK Higher Education Universities to apply linkeddata to a variety of University specific issues.

Exposing digital content for reuse (jiscEXPO)

This strand is helping academic library's explore the future of their management systems, and providing users with convenient and easy access to the huge range of digital information resources which they make available.

The jiscEXPO projects were funded in June 2010 (they will run for up to one year, until July of 2011). These projects represent the first organised cross-sector effort in UK Higher Education Universities to apply 'linked data' to a variety of University specific issues.

This work builds on the JISC's Linkeddata Horizon Scan (2010) and the Semantic Web Technologies Tech Watch report (2005), along with the government guidelines and advice via (2010)

Aims of this programme

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The programme aim is to improve the ways in which content is made available on the Web for reuse using structured data, in particular as linked data that increases value to teachers, learners, researchers and administrators.

Each project is tasked to take on the following objectives in exposing linked data:

  • Make a collection of resources available on the Web as structured data, in particular linked data, where a case can be made that it would benefit teaching, learning, research,dministration and/or knowledge transfer in UK higher education
  • Develop a prototype with instructional step-by-step demonstration and documentation to show how the structured content can be used by 3rd party tools and services
  • Explore and report on the opportunities and barriers in making content structured and exposed on the Web for discovery and use. Such opportunities and barriers may coalesce around licensing implications, trust, provenance, sustainability and usability

The projects and their outputs

There are 10 project in this programme. Their outputs will be published here in due course once they have achieved their project deliverables, circa July 2011.

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