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This project is part of the images project cluster in this particular programme. The main focus for projects in this cluster is on the creation and use of still image collections for learning and teaching.

Bristol BioMed Image Archive and Learning and Teaching project

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This project is part of the images project cluster in this particular programme. The main focus for projects in this cluster is on the creation and use of still image collections for learning and teaching.


Bristol BioMed is a collection of medical, dental and veterinary images donated by academics and available via the Web for use in learning and teaching. The Project is based at the Institute for Learning and Research Technology (ILRT), University of Bristol. The focus of the Bristol BioMed Learning and Teaching Project (BB-LT) is to build on the success of the existing collection by creating a suite of learning and teaching resources, including case studies and “How-to” guides, to support the use of Bristol BioMed in the HE community.

Aims and Objectives

The BB-LT project aims to encourage the use of digital images within the biomedical learning and teaching domain by improving the usability and relevance of the Bristol BioMed image collection. This will be achieved by demonstrating a range of practical applications for the images and making it easier for potential users to incorporate these uses with their own teaching practices. The project’s objectives are to:

  • Increase the ways in which digital images are used within the learning and teaching domain
  • Extend the scope, application and audience of Bristol BioMed
  • Increase biomedical community involvement
  • Improve the usability and relevance of Bristol BioMed
  • Explore ways in which this work can be extended to include other image datasets

Project design

The initial stage of the project will include a scoping study involving a literature and resources review that will aim not only to provide a context for the existing project, but also a basis for how the project can develop in the future. This scoping study will feed into the research and evaluation that will be carried out further into the project as resources become available online and are promoted throughout the HE community. The main project deliverables will be achieved with the collaboration of academic subject specialists who have donated images to Bristol BioMed. Each image donor will produce a fully functioning online tutorial using Bristol BioMed images. The tutorial will be accompanied by a case study documenting the consultant’s experience of creating the materials. Use of these resources will be supported by a series of “How-to” guides that will be developed by the Bristol BioMed team. Learning and teaching materials will be evaluated by conducting an online user survey, interviews with users, focus groups and observation during workshops.


All learning and teaching resources developed during the project will be made available from the Bristol BioMed Web site for users to consult and download. Academics will be encouraged to contribute their own learning and teaching materials to the site by the provision of a simple template into which materials can be dropped for uploading to the site. A number of workshops will be held for practitioners within HE and will be designed to directly address the project objective of increasing the use of Bristol BioMed images in learning and teaching, concentrating on the skills and knowledge needed. Project outcomes will be disseminated to the wider community via journal articles, newsletters, conferences and so on. Experience gained through the BB-LT project will be fed into the ILRT-based Focusing Images for Learning and Teaching, an Enriched Resource project (FILTER), which is examining the use of images for learning and teaching in specific subject areas.

Project Staff

Project Manager 
  • Jill Evans, ILRT, University of Bristol, 8-10 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HH, Tel: 0117 928 7164, Fax: 0117 928 7112 
Project Team
Start date
1 April 2000
End date
31 July 2001
Funding programme
Learning and Teaching (5/99) programme
Project website