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DAEDALUS: Data-providers for Academic E-content and the Disclosure of Assets for Learning, Understanding and Scholarship  

The DAEDALUS project has investigated the use of different repository software to store different types of materials within the University, from which they can then be disclosed to the wider community using the Open Archives Initiative protocol.  These materials include pre-prints, post-prints (deliberately kept separate), ETDs*, administrative documents, and grey literature.  The project has built up a body of experience and expertise in the use of different repository software and demonstrated how a wide range of materials can be stored and disclosed for internal and external use.  The project is split evenly between technical and advocacy activities. 

* ETDs, or electronic theses and dissertations, is the internationally used term for e-theses  

Further information is available via the JISC project page and project website

Outputs from the project so far include the implementation of different repository software and associated tools, a collection of content from across the University, a range of supporting guidance and advocacy materials addressing both technical and cultural issues, reports, a mediated archiving model, a series of events and a large number of publications and presentationsLinks to related projects and activities have also been established. 


William J Nixon (Service Development)
Morag Greig (Advocacy)
Glasgow University Library
Hillhead Street
Glasgow G12 8QE

Tel: 0141 330 6721

Tel: 0141 330 6797


The following software has been implemented as part of the DAEDALUS project:

  • GNU EPrints software version 2.2.3, for the creation and development of an OAI-compliant published and peer-reviewed papers archive, available for open.  The Glasgow ePrints service is a live service. A description of the technical configuration carried out on the GNU Eprints software is available. A summary of the metadata fields used within the Glasgow ePrints service is available.
  • DSpace software version 1.2.2, for the creation and development of an OAI-compliant preprints, working papers and grey literature archive, available for open access. This repository is available, though not yet a live service.
  • The Public Knowledge Project Perl/PHP-based Open Archives Harvester, to provide access across the repositories listed above. This software has amongst its features the ability to export search results into bibliographic management software packages.  This is currently being tested and a development version is available.
  • Google, which has been configured locally to test provision of access across the EPrints and DSpace repositories as an alternative to the harvester software above. This is currently being tested and is not yet available.
  • Innovative Interfaces Metadata Builder, to create XML records of research finding aids for the University catalogue using the Encoded Archives Format DTD.  These will form the basis of records for inclusion in a local repository.
  • Locally-developed scripts to allow the import of records from Reference Manager into EPrints. See below for guidance on using these. 


As of December 2005 over 1990 published paper records were held in the EPrints repository, of which over 370 were available in full-text, and over 300 preprints, ETDs, working and conference papers were held in the DSpace repository.  To access these please follow the repository links above.  The University of Glasgow have examined the delivery of the published papers repository through Google Scholar (see below under Reports).

Guidance and advocacy

The following webpages have been produced to support the repository work.  They reflect the major advocacy activity that has taken place to assist with understanding of the role of the repositories and associated open access initiatives and issues, including copyright.  This advocacy work, whilst originally considered an equal half of the project, has required additional effort.  This, however, is now bearing fruit and a 'tipping point' is being reached in the level of acceptance and acknowledgement of the repositories and their purpose.

The following reports on the local configuration of the GNU EPrints software are available:

The following technical guidance on the use of the Reference Manager scripts has also been produced:


Search services at the University of Glasgow: PKP Harvester and Google, William J Nixon, Lesley Drysdale and Stephen Gallacher

A report to JISC on the decision to develop an ETD service using DSpace rather than ETD-db, William J Nixon, Morag Mackie and Lesley Drysdale, available at

A report to JISC of the DSpace User Group Meeting, 10-11th March 2004, Richard Jones and William J Nixon, available at


Populating the Glasgow ePrints Service: A Mediated Model and Workflow, William J Nixon and Morag Grieg.


Developing an institutional repository: issues and challenges, 27th June 2005

Scottish Open Access Declaration, Royal Society of Edinburgh, 11th October 2004

Glasgow ePrints Service launch event, University of Glasgow, 9th June 2004
Internal seminar for faculty administrators, December 2003
Internal half-day event entitled ‘Institutional repositories: a way forward for research’, 18th June 2003
Creating Change: the Future of Scholarly Communication, University of Glasgow, 9th April 2002
CURL ePrints workshop, University of Glasgow, 4th March 2002

Links with related initiatives and projects

DAEDALUS has made connections with the following initiatives and projects:

  • DSpace@Cambridge DAEDALUS is collaborating as a fellow user of DSpace
  • DSpace User Group - William Nixon attended the user group meeting in March 2004 (see report above)
  • ERPANET DAEDALUS has worked with ERPANET to launch the subject-based ERPAePRINTS service, available at
  • EThOS project - this JISC-funded collaborative project will extend the findings from the FAIR ETD activities and projects, and investigate the practical applicability of a national ETD solution.  The University of Glasgow is the lead partner for EThOS.
  • LEADIRS I and II seminar series - DAEDALUS has contributed presentations to the seminars (see below)
  • OSI Guide to Institutional Repository Software DAEDALUS has contributed to this guide.
  • SPARC William Nixon was on the organising committee of the SPARC Conference 'Institutional Repositories: the next stage', Washington DC, November 2004.
  • University of Cranfield - with regard to scripts for loading MARC records into DSpace
  • University of Edinburgh and Robert Gordon University – collaboration between the three FAIR ETD projects, including agreement on a UK Metadata Core Set for ETDs 
  • University of Bergen - Staff from DAEDALUS visited the University of Bergen to provide them with an overview of institutional repository work and to assist in the set-up of their DSpace service.  Bergen returned the visit in December 2004
  • University of Glasgow IT Education Unit - DAEDALUS has worked in conjunction to develop an open access journal, the Journal of eLiteracy, on the back of the repository collections developed as part of the project
  • Project staff are involved with the JISC-funded espida project, which is developing a sustainable business-focussed model for digital preservation at an FE/HE institution


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