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Course Data Stage 2 University of Nottingham project

Course Data Stage 2 University of Nottingham


The University of Nottingham is developing a Student Academic Management Systems (SAMS) Programme, to replace its existing Student Management Systems with a single system that supports a truly global University.

The SAMS Programme is using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to implement new administrative services across the student life cycle during the period to 2015. The Curriculum Management project is a key building block within the SAMS programme and has defined principles for improvements through re-engineering of business processes to more comprehensively meet current and future requirements for agility and sustainability in the management of the student life cycle and curriculum management. This project will form part of the SAMS Programme and specifically the Curriculum Management project.

The JISC Course Data project provides an opportunity to enrich the scope and objectives to embrace XCRI-CAP standards implemented with consideration and design within the core originating processes of curriculum management. This single source of course data will be integrated with our Content Management System which becomes the single source of marketing information from which a secure and comprehensive XCRI-CAP service can be provided. This will be achieved by managing the JISC Course Data project in parallel and synchronised with the SAMS Curriculum Management project, allowing each to progress against specific objectives whilst benefiting from sharing appropriate information and activities.

The University of Nottingham (UoN) operates an extensive range of courses including undergraduate, post graduate, on-line, distance, part-time and continuing professional development courses across our 3 international campuses in UK, Malaysia and Ningbo, China. The Curriculum Management project will include all course provision with the objective for the JISC Course Data project to share and deploy process improvements and prove the capability of  XCRI-CAP feeds. The success of the JISC Course Data project will be proven across an agreed range of courses within the project and through agreed pilot implementations of the Curriculum Management. The range of XCRI-CAP course data and timescale for implementation will be agreed as appropriate for synchronisation with the Curriculum Management project.


The key objectives are:

  1. Lean, efficient and collaborative workflow processes deployed to create and maintain a single source of authority for course and module information.
  2. Improvements in the consistent use of agreed course data codes and vocabularies across the institution.
  3. To use the single source of course data for integration and consumption across the institution, with the Communications and Marketing Division consuming and add to this data in order to provide the true source of authority for course related marketing information.
  4. To provide XCRI-CAP data feeds using the marketing course information as the source for transformation and mapping.

Anticipated Outputs and Outcomes

Key outputs/ outcomes specific to XCRI-CAP Course Data work:

  1. Pilots
  2. Data Model and agreed vocabulary
  3. Business Processes and associated documentation 
  4. Report recommending policy or process changes as appropriate
  5. XCRI-CAP transformation mapping service
  6. XCRI-CAP feeds
  7. Reports, case study and lessons learnt as appropriate  
  8. JISC reports
  9. Institutional Knowledge about XCRI-CAP  
  10. Students’ course awareness
  11. JISC and collaborating institutions gather knowledge and support
  12. Institutional stakeholders will benefit through efficiency, consistency and greater use of standards
  13. Potential students will be more informed
  14. Aggregators will be better serviced
  15. Wider community collaboration


Final report

Project Staff

Project Manager

Andrea Addison
University of Nottingham
IS Corporate Systems Division
+44 115 74 84031

Project Team

Kirstie Coolin
University of Nottingham
IS Research & Learning Resources Division
+44 115 95 16976

Michael Leam
University of Nottingham
IS Research & Learning Resources Division
+44 115 95 16977

Documents & Multimedia

Start date
12 January 2012
End date
29 March 2013
Funding programme
e-Learning programme
Course Data: making the most of course information
Lead institutions
University of Nottingham