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Course Data Stage 2 University of Bedfordshire

The Stage 2 implementation project is to establish further significant development in the capacity of the University to manage the flow of course and associated data - within and external to the University in the XCRI-CAP format - to improve the material in the public domain and comply with external expectations. The University has established a central course and unit information dataset held within the University's student record system (SITS) as the definitive and approved course documentation. From September 2011 the course dataset has been exported to the University's marketing website for course publication purposes.

We intend to complete and refine the work already started in publishing consistent, accurate course information to our prospective students. Our plan is to offer a single source of data that will populate a number of different mediums and to ensure version control of course related date is viable for the foreseeable future. The project will extend the University's current dataset to encompass all University award provision, and respond to such external data requirements as the Key Information Set (KIS) and Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

The XCRI-CAP project will be the fourth strand in a University wide programme of work that also includes – KIS, HEAR and SITS IPP with a unified objective to offer comprehensive and accurate information to the University's internal and external stakeholders.


The key overarching objective is -

  • To communicate better and more consistently to our fee paying prospective students to ensure that, having compared us with other options, they are confident that in choosing to study here they are making the right choice for them.
  • And that we can increase our confidence that our course development and marketing processes are fit for purpose and external scrutiny. 

Through this project we will

  • Establish delivery of a project implementation plan which includes the production of an XCRI-CAP feed with COOL URI for certain types of courses and  proposes other work 

              to improve course data flows  and processes within the institution
              to produce feeds for external agencies
              to delivery data feeds for  KIS national initiatives
              to deliver data feeds for the HEAR national initiative and link to the University HEAR project

  • Ensure material is JISC compliant and able to be placed in public domain
  • Operate in line with appropriate project methodologies


  • We target to have a validated XCRI-CAP XML feed supplying course content to the website by the end of the project. (Self assessment Framework [SAF] A3)
  • Initial COOL URI’s will be in place for core course content by the end of the project.
  • We target to make the validated XCRI-CAP XML feed available to external agencies by the end of the project and agree a policy for electronic access to the information externally for other organisations, including agreement on charges to third parties. (SAF A9 & A10)
  • We will have contributed to the project deliverables around KIS & HEAR processes by the end of the project.
  • We will have put in place sound communications channels with our key suppliers (Tribal & Squiz) by the end of the project.
  • We will have reviewed of the success of the initial stages of the data transfer and quality already completed within the IPP project.
  • We will have completion of current IPP records and web visibility in relation to a range of part time and Postgraduate course data and have explored the issues for aspects of CPD materials including testing the full import of data to IPP for PSRB, CPD, Short course and Research provision.
  • We will have undertaken amendments to curriculum data in SITS (IPP) in response to HEAR, KIS and website requirements.
  • We will have undertaken analysis of current software availability (KIS Tribal, XCRI etc) to support the multiple usages of current and future curriculum data in SITS.

Anticipated Outcomes and Outputs

Guidelines - Process mapping documentation
Structure - Project organisation structure
Software - SITS based IPP course update user interface
Communications - Supplier contact and internal communications activity
Knowledge - Internal XCRI-CAP development and maintenance knowledge
Technical manual - XCRI-CAP feed structure and transfer process
User Interface - Front end course update screen for IPP based course data
Software - Developed data feed for adaptation to external agencies with improved data flows
Documentation - PID & Supporting Project documentation
User manual - Use of the IPP course updating process
Report - Database structure of IPP for course publication
Report - End of project final report & recommendations


Project Plan
Final Report 

Project Staff

Project Manager

Joanna Distin
Quality Directorate
University of Bedfordshire
Park Square

Documents & Multimedia

Start date
12 January 2012
End date
29 March 2013
Funding programme
e-Learning programme
Course Data: making the most of course information
Project website
Lead institutions

University of Bedfordshire