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JISC Inform

  • Jisc Inform 38
    05 Dec 2013

    Our winter edition focuses on tech experts: changing research and education.

  • Jisc Inform 37
    11 Jul 2013

    Our summer issue focused on engaging learners in education and beyond.

  • Jisc Inform 36
    20 Mar 2013

    Our spring issue focussed the future. We get a message from 2020 on how services will work in libraries, and take a look at the new technologies which are starting to take hold within education...

  • Jisc Inform 35
    12 Dec 2012

    Our winter issue, complete with a fresh design, includes an eclectic mix of articles and top tips to help you get the most out of digital technology.

  • JISC Inform 34
    02 Jul 2012

    It’s our job to not only deliver for you today but to future gaze on your behalf so that you are in a better place to make decisions. We’ve structured the Summer edition of JISC Inform around that...

  • JISC Inform 33
    28 Mar 2012

    This edition of JISC Inform looks at how tech-enabled universities and colleges in the UK are embracing the web to showcase their expertise and work smarter.

  • JISC inform 32
    22 Nov 2011

    In this edition JISC Inform takes some space to see where back-end improvements like managing your data better could actually help save time and resource in the longer term. Universities are coming...

  • JISC inform 31
    29 Jun 2011

    In this issue we look at how students are taking an active part in their course design and delivery which in turn is increasing their satisfaction levels. We catch up with Joi Ito about his...

  • JISC inform 30
    10 Mar 2011

    JISC Inform is a now digital magazine. The aim is to still share JISC’s work to support colleges and universities but also give you the opportunity to share your experiences by commenting on what you...

  • JISC Inform 29 Winter 2010
    15 Dec 2010

    In this issue of Inform we are looking to the future, and new ways in which teaching, learning and research might take place in a digital world: from digital literacy, practical guidance on...

  • JISC Inform issue 28 Summer 2010
    21 Jul 2010

    In this issue we look at how Generation Y do their research, discuss whether the web promotes plagiarism and look at the ramifications of the Digital Economy Act.

  • JISC Inform issue 27 Spring 2010
    19 Apr 2010

    In this issue: A new culture for mobile learning: Professor John Traxler on putting the student first; Digital apps for researchers: Top ten technology tips; Re-inventing the looking-glass: How...

  • JISC Inform 26
    18 Nov 2009

    This edition looks at how digital technologies are helping colleges and universities reach out locally as well as internationally. A round-up of activity from JISC’s regional support centres shows...

  • JISC Inform 25
    15 Jun 2009

    In this issue of Inform: we reprint the photographs taken during the first expedition to the North Pole that have been preserved by the Scott Polar Research Institute as part of the JISC Digitisation...

  • JISC Inform 24
    02 Mar 2009

    The Green issue - Using ICT to further environmental strategies: Green and more sustainable technologies are the focus of spring's Inform, which also introduces new JISC Chair Professor Sir Tim...

  • JISC Inform 23
    24 Nov 2008

    In issue 23 of the new look JISC Inform: Jon Snow celebrates the launch of NewsFilm Online, a new service which gives free access to 100 years of news clips from ITN for teaching, learning and...

  • JISC Inform 22
    21 Jul 2008

    In this issue: new research on students' expectations of ICT; a look at intellectual property rights on the web; a look at TASI, JISC's images advisory service; a new and groundbreaking inititive...

  • JISC Inform 21
    14 Apr 2008

    In this issue: an interview with Lord Puttnam of Queensgate, Chancellor of the Open University and a keynote speaker at the JISC Conference 2008; Why identity management is so important; A preview of...

  • JISC Inform 20
    18 Feb 2008

    This issue: how international collaboration is vital to JISC's work; a new Jazz repository; intellectual property rights in a Web 2.0 world; a new report looks at the 'Google Generation'.

  • JISC Inform 19
    22 Oct 2007

    The new look JISC Inform features a look at the revamped Go-Geo!, a portal project that links a wide range of geographically related resources; Alice Gugan on the ways the research community is using...

  • JISC Inform 18
    23 Jul 2007

    New heights: Supporting excellence in learning, teaching and research. Featuring an interview with Professor Drummond Bone of Universities UK, a look at the East London Theatre Archive and an...

  • JISC Inform 17
    16 May 2007

    Making Connections: Meeting the needs of the education and research community. Featuring an interview with Professor John Wood, new e-resources from the Digitisation programme and a feature on...

  • JISC Inform 16
    23 Jan 2007

    Excellence and expertise - Providing world-class support for education and research: This issue features the launch of the UK Access Management Federation, information about the second phase of the...

  • JISC Inform 15
    18 Oct 2006

    Showing the way - Providing leadership in the use of technology: This issue features an interview with Sir Keith O’Nions, Director General for Science and Innovation at the DTI. There is also a...

  • JISC Inform 14
    17 Jul 2006

    Working Together - Promoting collaboration through technology: This issue includes accessing the best of the web and experts looking at the future of the web; looking beyond the jargon of blended...

  • JISC Inform 13
    02 May 2006

    Supporting Achievement - Promoting innovation in the use of technology: This issue includes a new publication on designing spaces for learning, an interview with Michael Stevenson of the DfES, and...

  • JISC Inform 12
    20 Jan 2006

    Access all Areas: This issue includes an interview with Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe on University challenges, mobile and wireless technologies for learning, and new resources on information...

  • JISC Inform 11
    13 Sep 2005

    This issue includes an interview with Wim Liebrand of SURF, a new partnership between JISC and the British Library, and how ICT can support lifelong learning.

  • JISC Inform 10
    11 Jul 2005

    This issue includes an interview with Paul Ramsden (Chief Executive, Higher Education Academy), pioneering digital repositories, and developing collaborative environments.

  • JISC Inform 9
    03 May 2005

    This issue includes an interview with Roger McClure, a four-page special on Shibboleth, and how information can transform our working lives.

  • JISC Inform 8
    12 Jan 2005

    Preparing for the Future - Providing leadership in the use of technology: This issue includes an interview with Sir Howard Newby, an institutional repositories special, and inspiring children to use...

  • JISC Inform 7
    01 Sep 2004

    Moving ahead - Providing tools for a lifetime of learning: This issue includes an interview with Mark Haysom (Learning and Skills Council), transforming online reference provision, and using...

  • JISC Inform 6
    23 Jun 2004

    Towards new horizons: Delivering solutions for learning, teaching and research through technology. This issue includes an interview with Professor Sir Ron Cooke (JISC Chair), creating resources for...

  • JISC Inform 5
    16 Mar 2004

    Renewal and growth - Using technology to support learning, teaching, management and research: This issue includes an interview with Lynne Brindley (Chief Executive of the British Library), applying...

  • JISC Inform 4
    09 Sep 2003

    Building for the future - Harnessing technology for a lifetime of learning: This issue includes an interview with the Rt Hon Charles Clarke (Secretary of State for Education and Skills),...

  • JISC Inform 3
    24 Jun 2003

    Tranforming the landscape - Promoting innovation and inclusion through technology: This issue includes access to the JANET network via satellite, enabling tutors to create online resources, and the...

  • JISC Inform 2
    01 Sep 2002

    Meeting the challenge together - Moving foward with technology: This issue includes a legislation checklist for HE & FE, how new technologies are really impacting on users, and, how online...

  • JISC Inform 1
    01 Mar 2002

    Staying on track - Reviewing our use of technology: This issue includes the RDN Virtual Training Suite for Further Education, real life experiences of using ICT with students, and test-beds for...