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Final reports with outputs and lessons from our JISC-funded projects - these reports are available online only

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TitlePublication Date
The advantages of APIs17 Dec 2012
Activity data - delivering benefits from the data deluge11 Dec 2012
Transforming opportunities in scholarly discourse19 Nov 2012
Researchers of Tomorrow28 Jun 2012
Value and benefits of text mining14 Mar 2012
Funding for sustainability: How funders' practices influence the future of digital resources14 Jun 2011
Heading for the open road - Costs & benefits of transitions in scholarly communications7 Apr 2011
Managing students' expectations of university11 Nov 2010
Business case for the adoption of a UK standard for research information interchange31 Jul 2010
JISC user behaviour observational study: User behaviour in resource discovery30 Jun 2010
Keeping research data safe (Phase 2)30 Apr 2010
The alternative guide to UCLan31 Mar 2010
Sustainable economics for a digital planet: Ensuring long term access to digital information23 Mar 2010
Study of the ICT needs and interaction with JISC in GuildHE members’ institutions23 Mar 2010
The digital information seeker: Findings from selected OCLC, RIN and JISC user behaviour projects22 Mar 2010
Virtual research environment collaborative landscape study31 Jan 2010
Open science at web-scale: Optimising participation and predictive potential10 Nov 2009
Museum of Design in Plastics digitisation26 Oct 2009
From inputs to impact: A study of the impact of JISC funding on universities22 Oct 2009
Digitisation of special collections: Mapping, assessment, prioritisation21 Oct 2009
InView: Moving images in the public sphere16 Oct 2009
Only connect1 Oct 2009
Online catalogue and repository interoperability study30 Sep 2009
Lives and technologies of early career researchers30 Sep 2009
Versatile digitisation framework30 Sep 2009
Exchanging course-related information - Kent University23 Sep 2009
Jorum community bay3 Sep 2009
Concordia31 Aug 2009
Exposing Marandet: French plays from the 18th and 19th centuries31 Aug 2009
British newspapers 1620-190025 Aug 2009
Digitisation, curation & two-way engagement24 Aug 2009
Federated local access management environment21 Aug 2009
Engaging responses to emerging technologies20 Aug 2009
Low carbon ICT1 Aug 2009
Developing intelligent validation systems31 Jul 2009
Pilot national name & factual authority service31 Jul 2009
Semantic technologies in learning & teaching31 Jul 2009
Implementing an institutional repository for Leeds Metropolitan University16 Jul 2009
Quality tracking at Ravensbourne30 Jun 2009
Simple web-service offering repository deposit phase 230 Jun 2009
Thriving in the 21st century: Learning literacies for the digital age30 Jun 2009
World Wide Web of Humanities28 Jun 2009
Approaches to the delivery of anatomy & physiology teaching10 Jun 2009
Mapping security to the e-Framework9 Jun 2009
In from the Cold: An assessment of the scope of ‘Orphan Works’ and its impact on the delivery of services to the public8 Jun 2009
Pre-Raphaelite resource site2 Jun 2009
Effective evaluation models & practices for technology-supported physical learning spaces1 Jun 2009
East London theatre digital archive1 Jun 2009
Integrating thin client systems for secure e-assessment1 Jun 2009
Cambridge University repositories enhancement31 May 2009
Good APIs: Review of good practice in the provision of machine interfaces & use of services31 May 2009
First World War poetry digital archive31 May 2009
Effective feedback to improve fair admissions31 May 2009
Exchanging course-related information - Worcester University30 May 2009
Interoperable subject vocabulary service22 May 2009
Review of Advanced e-Assessment Techniques21 May 2009
14-19 prospectus pilot in the East Midlands21 May 2009
Math e-Assessment20 May 2009
The biology of pain20 May 2009
Data Information Specialists Committee-UK datashare14 May 2009
Effective group-working in multi-professional teams that support regional regeneration11 May 2009
Researching emerging administration channels5 May 2009
Summative e-Assessment Quality1 May 2009
Scoping a Vision for Formative e-Assessment30 Apr 2009
Common Institutional Repositories for Collaborative Learning Environments30 Apr 2009
Exchanging course-related information - Huddersfield University30 Apr 2009
Evaluation & Review of Technical Developments to Support Lifelong Learning30 Apr 2009
Overlay journal infrastructure for Meteorological Sciences30 Apr 2009
Re-usable content for IT education30 Apr 2009
Work-based access to learning through e-services28 Apr 2009
Tri-party e-assessment and personalised learning24 Apr 2009
Academic writing empowered by online social mediated environments21 Apr 2009
Multimedia annotation & community folksonomy building17 Apr 2009
Independent Radio News Archive Digitisation15 Apr 2009
EdSpace: An educationally focussed repository for the University of Southampton7 Apr 2009
Location independent working6 Apr 2009
Introduction to advertising6 Apr 2009
Approaching teaching learning & assessment6 Apr 2009
Ontology-Based Article Preparation Tool6 Apr 2009
Using digitised resources to enhance learning in Higher Education4 Apr 2009
Increasing repository content through automation & services3 Apr 2009
Pocket PCs to support portfolio development by work-based learners in FE1 Apr 2009
Embed31 Mar 2009
19th Century Pamphlets Online31 Mar 2009
Electronic Ephemera: Digitised selections from the John Johnson Collection31 Mar 2009
Comparative study of e-portfolio implementation in work-based learning31 Mar 2009
Appropriate & practical technologies for students, teachers, administrators & researchers31 Mar 2009
Historic polar images 1845-198231 Mar 2009
Psychology at Heythrop College31 Mar 2009
Pattern language network for web 2.0 learning31 Mar 2009
e-Assessment in Wales31 Mar 2009
Widening participation through e-learning31 Mar 2009
Kingston access to Science teaching across new & emerging technologies31 Mar 2009
Re-use of learning content for proactive maths support in Science service teaching31 Mar 2009
Supporting personalised & collaborative e-learning in Foundation degrees31 Mar 2009
Making the numbers stack up31 Mar 2009
Higher education learning portfolio for placements31 Mar 2009
SkillClouds: Aggregating & presenting skills information to students31 Mar 2009
Open habitat: Multi-user virtual environments for teaching & learning31 Mar 2009
Blended learning for academic competence & critical enquiry31 Mar 2009
Bradford University Repository30 Mar 2009
Alternate reality games for orientation, socialisation & induction30 Mar 2009
British Cartoon Archive Digitisation30 Mar 2009
Integrating repository function with work practice: Tools to facilitate personal e-administration30 Mar 2009
Research methods on a common core29 Mar 2009
Extending & embedding the University of Worcester repository service28 Mar 2009
Welsh Journals Online Digitisation27 Mar 2009
Horus e-learning management extension for tutors27 Mar 2009
Quality re-aggregation of learning objects to introduce the web & multimedia27 Mar 2009
Sounds good: Quicker, better assessment using audio feedback26 Mar 2009
Learner Experiences Across the Disciplines22 Mar 2009
Reflect 2.0: Digital storytelling to develop reflective learning with next generation technologies & practice21 Mar 2009
Flourish: Continuing professional development using PebblePad18 Mar 2009
Personal engagement with repositories through social network applications18 Mar 2009
Modelling of Second Life environments18 Mar 2009
Reform: Re-developing a professional development module16 Mar 2009
Evolution of working practices study13 Mar 2009
Embedding repositories & consortial enhancement11 Mar 2009
Kings College London Enterprise Architecture Project7 Mar 2009
Environment, poverty & health: Re-useable module2 Mar 2009
Study methods & information literacy exemplars2 Mar 2009
Repurposing existing virtual patients2 Mar 2009
Journal table of contents service2 Mar 2009
Student Reflections on Lifelong e-Learning28 Feb 2009
Future skills for the design industry in West London20 Feb 2009
Study: How Innovative Technologies are Influencing the Design of Physical Learning Spaces in the Post-16 Sector19 Feb 2009
Federated Access to Repositories17 Feb 2009
Institutional Repositories Infrastructure for Scotland9 Feb 2009
Study on the Effective Use of Social Software by UK FE & HE to Support Student Learning & Engagement1 Feb 2009
Publisher and Institutional Repository Usage Statistics31 Jan 2009
Automatic Summarisation for Systematic Reviews using Text Mining31 Jan 2009
Enhancing employer contact & communication30 Jan 2009
Sound Archives Film Images Repository30 Jan 2009
Online research methods module30 Jan 2009
Data Audit Framework Pilot Projects28 Jan 2009
Report summary: Economic implications of alternative scholarly publishing models28 Jan 2009
Economic implications of alternative scholarly publishing models: Exploring the costs and benefits27 Jan 2009
Exchanging course-related information - Bolton University23 Jan 2009
Cabinet Papers 1915-1978 Digitisation20 Jan 2009
Debating Innovation: JISC Innovation Forum 2008 final report5 Jan 2009
Improving the Evidence Base in Support of Sharing Learning Materials31 Dec 2008
Integration of Technology into Institutional Strategies Study31 Dec 2008
FE & HE roles, competencies & relationships in support of a high level domain architecture map31 Dec 2008
ShareGeo31 Dec 2008
Integration of technology into institutional strategies31 Dec 2008
e-Portfolios in successful HE admissions22 Dec 2008
Outsourcing email and data storage case studies12 Dec 2008
Review of Open ID9 Dec 2008
ALTC - Users and Innovation Project Presentations2 Dec 2008
Comparative Study of International Approaches to Enabling the Sharing of Research Data30 Nov 2008
Options Review of Ways Institutional & Subject Repositories can Productively Interact30 Nov 2008
Identifying the Benefits of Curating & Sharing Research Data30 Nov 2008
Investigation into the Feasibility of a Cross-Jurisdiction Common Access Management Federation Agreement13 Nov 2008
Serious Virtual Worlds report3 Nov 2008
Blooming QCF-QMT (Credit Qualification Framework – Question Meta Tags)1 Nov 2008
Study on identity management for lifelong learning in UK higher and further education1 Nov 2008
Digital Preservation Policies Study30 Oct 2008
MetaTools - Investigating Metadata Generation Tools30 Oct 2008
Lirolem. A Virtual Studio/Institutional Repository for the University of Lincoln27 Oct 2008
Developing personalisation for the Information Environment16 Oct 2008
Exchanging course-related information - Greater Manchester strategic alliance10 Oct 2008
Benefits of investment in ICT landscape study3 Oct 2008
Provision of JISC-funded places on the Netskills workshop: Federated Access Management - Core Skills for Identity30 Sep 2008
Submission, preservation & exposure of Chemistry teaching & research data from theses30 Sep 2008
Usage Statistics Review26 Sep 2008
SIMulated Professional Learning Environment (SIMPLE)23 Sep 2008
Repository interface for overlaid journal archives10 Sep 2008
Using Repositories & e-Portfolio Tools to Submit an Application for Employment3 Sep 2008
Landscape Study of Student Lifecycle Relationship Management31 Aug 2008
Student lifecycle relationship management31 Aug 2008
Lifecycle information for e-literature 222 Aug 2008
Digital Libraries for Global Distributed Innovative Design13 Aug 2008
CETIS Support Project (Design for Learning)8 Aug 2008
The Spoken Word1 Aug 2008
Scenario-based Study: Using Repositories & e-Portfolio Tools to Submit an Application for Employment31 Jul 2008
Skills, Role & Career Structure of Data Scientists & Curators: Assessment of Current Practice & Future Needs31 Jul 2008
Constructing 2 Learn - Design for Learning programme9 Jul 2008
Low-Cost OpenURL Resolver Scoping Study3 Jul 2008
Mobiles Enhancing Learning and Support1 Jul 2008
Racing Academy: Large scale implementation of Racing Academy in Further and Higher education project team30 Jun 2008
Image Bank: Visual Arts Case Study30 Jun 2008
Open Source Item Banking System3 Jun 2008
Designing and sharing inquiry-based learning activities: LAMS evaluation case study31 May 2008
Review of User Requirements for Digitised Resources in Islamic Studies31 May 2008
Image Bank: Geoscience Case Study30 May 2008
Phoebe Pedagogy Planning Tool27 May 2008
Keeping research data safe (Phase 1)12 May 2008
Supporting Practitioners in producing IMS Learning Designs2 May 2008
London Pedagogy Planner: Design for Learning30 Apr 2008
Evaluation of Design & Implementation Tools for Learning9 Apr 2008
ASDEL: Assessment Delivery Engine for QTIv2 questions31 Mar 2008
AQuRate: A QTI Authoring Tool31 Mar 2008
Synthesis and Evaluation of Reference Models29 Feb 2008
e-Learning Independent Design Activities for Collaborative Approaches to the Management of e-Learning4 Feb 2008
Technology-Supported Recruitment & Admissions: Mechanisms for Assessing the Fairness of Selection Processes in HE Admissions31 Jan 2008
Digital Repositories and Archives Inventory1 Jan 2008
Sharing the Load: Learning Objectives, Activities and Designs22 Dec 2007
SUNIWE18 Dec 2007
e-Infrastructure Security: Levels of Assurance30 Nov 2007
e-Learning Framework Reference Model for Assessment 17 Nov 2007
Open Course Collection and Aggregation Model14 Nov 2007
e-Infrastructures for Identity Management and Data Sharing: Perspectives across the Public Sector 9 Nov 2007
The Identity Project9 Nov 2007
e-Infrastructure Security: Levels of Assurance9 Nov 2007
Image Bank: Engineering Case Study6 Nov 2007
myWORLD1 Nov 2007
Transforming and Enhancing the Student Experience through Pedagogy9 Oct 2007
Re-Engineering Assessment Practices in Scottish Higher Education9 Oct 2007
e-Construction Transformation9 Oct 2007
Collaborative Transformation of Course Delivery9 Oct 2007
Collaborative e-Learning in the Life Sciences9 Oct 2007
Individualised Support for Learning through e-Portfolios9 Oct 2007
Exchanging course-related information - Staffordshire University1 Oct 2007
Review of network provision for research needs1 Oct 2007
Image Bank: Archaeology Case Study30 Sep 2007
e-Framework services for course evaluation28 Sep 2007
Review of Accounting and Usage Monitoring for e-Infrastructure17 Sep 2007
Exchanging Course-Related Information at Manchester Metropolitan12 Sep 2007
DesignShare31 Aug 2007
Images and Repositories: Present status and future possibilities17 Aug 2007
Manchester Self-Directed Learning Environments8 Aug 2007
Repurposing Existing Healthcare Assets to Share7 Aug 2007
XML-Based Office Document Standards (TechWatch report)1 Aug 2007
Tools for Online Interoperable Assessment1 Aug 2007
i-Skills for Staff Development1 Aug 2007
Realm Final Report31 Jul 2007
CAMEL Tangible benefits of e-Learning31 Jul 2007
Kent Personal Learner Portal Pilot26 Jul 2007
ResourceBrowser Demonstrator24 Jul 2007
Facilitating Independent Learning using e-Portfolio & Associated Support Systems20 Jul 2007
Personal Development Planning for Lifelong Learning17 Jul 2007
Authoring using Learning Design15 Jul 2007
Developing for Learning Design15 Jul 2007
e-Portfolios Student Learning1 Jul 2007
Sharing Language Learning Objects29 Jun 2007
Technology-Supported Recruitment & Admissions: Good Practice in Supporting Learners through HE Application & Induction26 Jun 2007
Dealing with Data19 Jun 2007
Development of an ONIX-PL licence expression drafting system12 Jun 2007
Constructing2Learn11 Jun 2007
Web 2.0 for content for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education28 May 2007
Accessible e-Learning in Higher Education1 May 2007
Good Practice in the Provision of Feedback to Applicants Study26 Apr 2007
JISC e-learning programme applicant feedback study final report26 Apr 2007
Representing Learning Designs (Models of Practice)31 Mar 2007
ShibGrid31 Mar 2007
SHERPA Digital Perservation29 Mar 2007
Mapping JISC model licences into ONIX PL Format26 Mar 2007
Flexible Access Middleware Extensions to PERMIS20 Mar 2007
Laying the Foundations for Repository Preservation Services7 Mar 2007
Coventry University Repository Validation and Enhancement1 Mar 2007
Dynamic Virtual Organisations in e-Science Education28 Feb 2007
18th century parliamentary papers digitisation28 Feb 2007
Regional Interoperability Project for Progression in Lifelong Learning15 Feb 2007
Static Repository Gateway and Toolkit: Extension7 Feb 2007
What is Web 2.0? Ideas, technologies and implications for education (TechWatch report)1 Feb 2007
Measuring and Understanding the Systems Integration Challenge - MUSIC1 Feb 2007
Digital Preservation Training Programme19 Jan 2007
Managing Digital Assets in Tertiary Education15 Jan 2007
Policy & Organisational Implications of Resourcing & Supporting WBL in a Consortium1 Jan 2007
Rejuvenation of Science, Engineering & Technology-Related TLTP & other Legacy Material15 Dec 2006
Collaborating on Learning Objects in Social Science for Unlimited Online Study1 Dec 2006
Student Experiences of Technologies1 Dec 2006
LifeLong Learning in London for All30 Nov 2006
Exchanging Course-Related Information28 Nov 2006
Course Validation Reference Model10 Nov 2006
eProfile9 Nov 2006
Machine Services for Metadata Discovery and Aggregation (metadata+)2 Nov 2006
Connecting Smirkboard to Perception via Sweet.net25 Oct 2006
Digital Asset Assessment Tool13 Oct 2006
Staff access to ICT1 Oct 2006
Impact study of the Electronic Libraries programme1 Oct 2006
Rendering and Response Processing Services for QTIv2 Questions26 Sep 2006
Linking the Institutional and Personal Information Domains20 Sep 2006
Dynamic Grouping for Learning Activities18 Sep 2006
Moodle Integration with Enterprise Data15 Sep 2006
Service-Oriented Consumer Kit for e-Learning Framework Tools14 Sep 2006
Tracking and Recording in e-Learning Contexts8 Sep 2006
Constructing Assessments using Tools and Services1 Sep 2006
Evaluation report: JISC Services and the third stream1 Sep 2006
The Learner Experience of e-Learning1 Sep 2006
Table of Contents by Really Simple Syndication25 Aug 2006
Strategies for managing ICT and its application within colleges and universities: policy and practice21 Aug 2006
Static Repository Gateway and Toolkit: Enabling Small Publishers to use OAI-based Services8 Aug 2006
e-Portfolio for Lifelong Learning Reference Model1 Aug 2006
i-Skills: An investigation of the staff development issues relating to i-skills development1 Aug 2006
Digital Anthropological Resources for Teaching31 Jul 2006
Learning Bank31 Jul 2006
Automating Ingest of Metadata on Serials Subscriptions17 Jul 2006
Promoting Shared Use of Digital Content across the West Midlands Region1 Jul 2006
Analysis of the Impact on Institutions and Other Bodies involved in the Exchange for Learning Programme1 Jul 2006
i-Skills for University Administration1 Jul 2006
Evaluation of Options for a UK Electronic Thesis Service30 Jun 2006
Repository Bridge: Automated Linkage of National and Institutional repositories28 Jun 2006
Managing risk: a business preservation strategy for corporate digital assets28 Jun 2006
Shibboleth Enabled Bridge to Access the National Grid Service (SHEBANGS)14 Jun 2006
Linking UK Repositories:Technical & Organisational Models to Support User-Oriented Services Across Institutional & Other Digital Repositories5 Jun 2006
Electronic expression of licensing terms: XML expression of a Publisher/Library licence2 Jun 2006
East of England Lifelong Learning Support29 May 2006
COUNTER Filter1 May 2006
Testbed for Interoperability of eBook Metadata24 Apr 2006
Learning Activity Design in Education1 Apr 2006
eLISA Independent Lifelong Learning Project27 Mar 2006
The Learning Matrix20 Mar 2006
Learning Design Tools: Design for Learning in Virtual Learning Environments - Insider Perspectives9 Mar 2006
Clinical Recordings for Academic Non-Clinical Settings--Cherri Project1 Mar 2006
Distributed Content Tagging Tool for ePrints17 Feb 2006
Resource List Toolkit 24 Nov 2005
Sweet.NET Demonstrator – ICT for Business16 Nov 2005
Brockenhurst e-Registers Toolkit16 Nov 2005
Storage and Packaging of Assessment Item Data 28 Oct 2005
JISC e-Learning Framework Assessment Demonstrator29 Sep 2005
Evaluation of JISC’s Records Management Activities8 Aug 2005
Guidance on Accessibility for JISC Exchange for Learning and Digital Libraries in the Classroom Projects1 Apr 2005
Digital Preservation Coalition: Training needs analysis1 Oct 2004
Institutional Profiling and Terms and Conditions Services Scoping Study 22 Sep 2004
Core Middleware and Shared Services Studies Single Sign-On Report 22 Sep 2004
Feasibility Study for a JISC National Certifcate Issuing Service 22 Sep 2004
UK Assessment of eduPerson and Related Schemas 22 Sep 2004
Learning Design Review: Concept, Specifications and Tools 1 May 2004
LibPortal Project: A Survey and Review of Library-orientated Portals in Higher and Further Education1 Mar 2004
Interoperability Pilots II (Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland)1 Jan 2004
e-Science Curation Report 1 Nov 2003
Pixus Image Portal31 Oct 2003
Feasibility and Requirements Study on Preservation of E-Prints 29 Oct 2003
EEVL: The Internet Guide to Engineering, Maths and Computing23 Sep 2003
Computer Assisted Assessment in Managed Learning Environment1 Jul 2003
Interactive Whiteboards in Education23 Jan 2003
Changing Technological Management: Teaching, Learning & Technology Roundtables1 Nov 2002
Broadband communication1 Oct 2002
Video conferencing1 Aug 2002
Wireless technologies1 Aug 2002
The big blue--information skills for students1 Jul 2002
Trial and Evaluation of Roundtable Methodology and Flashlight Programme1 May 2002
Stoke-on-Trent College Interoperability Project Final Report29 Jan 2002
Public Report To Prove the Concepts of Interoperability Within Managed learning Environments in the Further Education Sector29 Jan 2002
Reading College MLE interoperability in FE: Final Report28 Jan 2002
Knowledge Suite IMS Interoperability Partnership1 Jan 2002
South Birmingham College concepts of interoperability within MLEs in the FE sector.1 Jan 2002
Myerscough College MLE / VLE Interoperability Project Final Report1 Jan 2002
IMS Content Packaging and Management (JCIEL 31)30 Dec 2001
Ridge Danyers College Interoperability Report14 Dec 2001
City College Manchester Interoperability Project – Final Report 14 Dec 2001
Tameside College Interoperability Project Final Report8 Dec 2001
IT Asset Management: Current Issues and Considerations for British HE and FE institutions1 Dec 2001
SURF Consortium Interoperability between COSE and MIS Systems used across the Consortium1 Dec 2001
Pilot to prove the concept of interoperability within managed learning environments in the Further Education Sector1 Dec 2001
Testing IMS in real contexts: Implementing IMS specifications - Implications and best practice27 Nov 2001
Plagiarism Detection and Prevention1 Aug 2001
Career Development of Learning Technology Staff: Scoping Study Final Report 31 Jan 2001
Jini: a platform for building adaptive integrated learning environments1 Dec 2000
'Extending the Applications of SmartCards': Internet Cash Payment and Personal Data1 Jun 2000
A Review of Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems1 Jun 2000
The Use of Firewalls in an Academic Environment1 Apr 2000
C&IT SKILLS1 Feb 2000
Delivering Staff and Professional Development Using Virtual Learning Environments1 Dec 1999
Student Portable Computing29 Nov 1999
A Framework for Pedagogical Evaluation of Virtual Learning Environments1 Oct 1999
Content-based Image Retrieval1 Oct 1999
Blocking spam relaying and junk mail1 Oct 1999
Practical Guidelines for Teaching with Videoconferencing1 Sep 1999
Information Object Numbering Systems1 Sep 1999
Overview of Watermarks, Fingerprints and Digital Signatures3 Aug 1999
Audio-Visual Person Recognition for Security and Access Control1 Aug 1999
Imagination/Universities Network Pilot for online delivery of moving images1 Aug 1999
Videoconferencing in the Valleys' A case study of the 'ALPs' Project1 Aug 1999
De Montfort University Case Studies in the use and evaluation of Videoconferencing in Teaching and Learning.1 Jul 1999
Secure Internet issues for the HE Community11 Jun 1999
Teaching at a Distance: Building a Virtual Learning Environment1 Jun 1999
Strategic Deployment of Thin Clients and Multi-user Windows NT for Campus Computing Services1 May 1999
Online Teaching: Tools and Projects1 May 1999
Re-use of Legacy Computers: a comparative pilot1 May 1999
The Role of Virtual Learning Environments in the Online Delivery of Staff Development1 Nov 1998
Protected international bandwidth for the support of UK Research31 Aug 1998
Metropolitan Area Networks, fast servers, and the creation of a multimedia library (Omni.Bus project)1 Aug 1998
A Remote Advisory Case Study: The NEAT System1 Aug 1998
Web Concordances1 Aug 1998
Video Conferencing over Scotland's Metropolitan Area Network1 Aug 1998
Electronic Diaries: How they are used, advice for implementation and a review of products1 Apr 1998
Study of the Potential Applications of Document Management in Higher Education Administration1 Jan 1998
Wireless Networks1 Nov 1997
Potential contribution of virtual & remote laboratories to the development of a shared Virtual Learning Environment1 Oct 1997
Review of network infrastructure services1 Sep 1997
Authentication, Authorisation and Privacy in HE study1 Jun 1997
Technology Review for the 3D Virtual Graduate School Project1 Mar 1997
Central Timetabling by Computer1 Jan 1997
Web Security1 Jan 1997
Review of the new technologies initiative high performance computing & cluster projects1 Dec 1996
Caching on JANET1 Sep 1996
Content Clustering and Sustaining Digital Resources1 Jan 0001