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Briefing papers

Briefing papers describe specific resources, guidance and advice that is currently on offer to the HE and FE community

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TitlePublication Date
Universities Modernisation Fund30 Jul 2012
Extending the learning environment19 Jun 2012
Developing Digital Literacies18 Jun 2012
Supporting staff through technological change19 Apr 2012
Open educational resources: an introduction for managers and policymakers1 Apr 2012
Business and Community Engagement: Maximising the Impact of Your Partnerships13 Jan 2012
Managing Your Customers13 Jan 2012
Using IT to Go Green18 Nov 2011
Strategic Management: Making IT Work for You18 Nov 2011
Efficiency and flexibility: Getting fit for a changing funding environment18 Nov 2011
Transforming curriculum design - transforming institutions18 Mar 2011
Supporting researchers with advanced digital technologies: an approach for institutions14 Feb 2011
Practical suggestions to remain compliant with the Digital Economy Act9 Jul 2010
What do researchers want from ICT?1 Jun 2010
What is a virtual research environment? Experience from the JISC VRE programme12 Apr 2010
Enabling e-portfolio portability (Leap2A)30 Mar 2010
Research information management: Towards a common standard for exchanging research information30 Mar 2010
Digital information seekers: How academic libraries can support the use of digital resources30 Mar 2010
Open educational resources: An update on activities26 Mar 2010
What is Flexible Service Delivery? (version 2)11 Mar 2010
Flexible service delivery and supplier engagement8 Mar 2010
Enterprise architecture (version 2)8 Mar 2010
Publishing research papers: Which policy will deliver best value for your university?25 Feb 2010
What is Flexible Service Delivery? (version 1)15 Feb 2010
Strategic engagement with business and the community11 Feb 2010
Meeting the Research Data Challenge26 Nov 2009
e-Procurement to reduce costs and carbon footprint11 Nov 2009
Assessing the business case for standards: Introduction for strategy planning and resourcing committees2 Nov 2009
Impact of the economic downturn on University Library and IT services briefing paper5 Oct 2009
Efficient water cooling systems for computer facilities: Case study in Green ICT21 Sep 2009
Thin-client saves energy costs: Case study in Green ICT21 Sep 2009
Energy efficiency for high-powered research computing: Case study in Green ICT21 Sep 2009
Learning literacies in a digital age7 Sep 2009
Open Access22 Apr 2009
Preservation of Web Resources24 Mar 2009
Timetabling and resource scheduling9 Mar 2009
Creative Commons Licences9 Mar 2009
Green ICT: Managing sustainable ICT in education and research14 Jan 2009
Outsourcing email and data storage briefing papers12 Dec 2008
Users, new technologies and emerging practices: Users and Innovation programme update3 Dec 2008
Shared services in UK further and higher education13 Nov 2008
Third Party Providers of Federated Access Management Solutions: Guide for Institutions9 Oct 2008
National Grid Service15 Sep 2008
Enterprise architectures: Introduction (version 1)15 Sep 2008
Text Mining15 Sep 2008
National Centre for Text Mining: Introduction to Tools for Researchers15 Sep 2008
Virtual Research Environments: VRE Programme Phases 2 & 315 Sep 2008
e-Assessment: An Overview of JISC Activities15 Sep 2008
Great expectations of ICT: findings from second phase of research briefing paper12 Jun 2008
Library Management Systems: Investing Wisely in a Period of Disruptive Change14 Apr 2008
Tangible Benefits of e-Learning: Does investment yield interest?11 Apr 2008
Managing and Sharing Research Resources: How repositories can help7 Apr 2008
Managing and Sharing e-Learning Resources: How repositories can help7 Apr 2008
Web 2.0 and Intellectual Property Rights2 Apr 2008
JISC Digitisation Conference 2007 briefing31 Mar 2008
The e-Framework17 Mar 2008
Use of technology to support admissions to higher education17 Mar 2008
Student Experiences of Technology and e-Learning: an overview of JISC activities15 Mar 2008
Technology-Rich Physical Space Design: An overview of JISC Activities6 Mar 2008
Third Party Providers of Federated Access Management Solutions: Guide for institutions29 Feb 2008
Research in the Social Sciences: An Overview of JISC Activities19 Feb 2008
Research in the Biomedical Sciences: An Overview of JISC Activities19 Feb 2008
Federated Access Management briefing papers1 Feb 2008
Review of network provision for research needs briefing paper8 Oct 2007
Business and Community Engagement: An overview of JISC activities5 Oct 2007
Student expectations study: Findings from preliminary research17 Sep 2007
Research in the Physical Sciences: An Overview of JISC Activities10 Sep 2007
Research in the Arts and Humanities: An Overview of JISC Activities10 Sep 2007
Transforming the Learning Experience3 Sep 2007
Web 2.0 and social software: An introduction3 Sep 2007
e-Portfolios: An overview of JISC activities September 20073 Sep 2007
JISC RepositoryNet17 Jul 2007
Game-based Learning9 May 2007
e-Journals: Archiving and Preservation Briefing paper6 Mar 2007
Electronic Theses: EThOS - the Electronic Theses Online Service26 Jan 2007
Digital Preservation briefing paper20 Nov 2006
e-Portfolios: an overview of JISC activities5 Oct 2006
National Grid Service Briefing Paper26 Sep 2006
e-Framework Briefing Paper5 Sep 2006
Open Access Briefing Paper - Version 21 Sep 2006
e-Assessment: An overview of JISC activities1 Sep 2006
e-Infrastructure Briefing Paper7 Jul 2006
Text Mining briefing paper4 Apr 2006
Shibboleth: Connecting people & resources briefing (version 2)21 Mar 2006
Supporting a Lifetime of Learning17 Mar 2006
Open Source Software Briefing Paper17 Jan 2006
The Management of ICT Investments1 Dec 2005
User Safety briefing paper1 Nov 2005
Digital repositories: Helping Universities and Colleges15 Aug 2005
Open Access1 Apr 2005
Freedom of Information Act: Assessing & embedding compliance (post Jan 2005)1 Apr 2005
e-Resources Fact Files1 Mar 2005
Deterring, Detecting and Dealing with Student Plagiarism10 Feb 2005
Information Safety briefing paper1 Feb 2005
The Data Deluge1 Nov 2004
Records Management: Senior Management briefing paper12 Nov 2003
Freedom of Information Act 2002: Strategy and policy (Scotland)6 Aug 2003
Freedom of Information Act 2002: Implementation & Practice (Scotland) 6 Aug 2003
Embedding learning technology institutionally: Senior management13 Jun 2003
Freedom of Information Act 2000: Implementation & practice21 Oct 2002
Freedom of Information Act 2000: Strategy and policy (Snr mgt)17 Oct 2002
Senior Management Briefing Paper: Improving Network Reliability1 Jun 2000
Internet 2 : Briefing paper1 Apr 1999
Sharing and managing your course data effectively using XCRI-CAP1 Jan 0001
Supporting Learners in a Digital Age1 Jan 0001