The institutional exemplars programme is a £1.4 million programme to generate exemplar projects demonstrating change at the institutional level.

Institutional Exemplars Programme

The institutional exemplars programme is a £1.4 million programme to generate exemplar projects demonstrating change at the institutional level. A second phase of institutional projects have been awarded as part of the Institutional Innovation programme


The institutional exemplar projects are aimed at supporting existing institutional strategies by providing solutions to institution-wide problems, based upon proven practices, technologies, standards and services.  These projects therefore require the active support of senior leadership within institutions (e.g. Head of Department, Registrar, or Pro-Vice Chancellor) in order to ensure that institutional issues are being successfully addressed, and that the project maintains relevance to institutional strategies. 

Projects are not just investigating but implement technology, processes / practices, and standards that address their institutions’ problem(s). It is key that the project aligns with relevant institutional strategies and provides long term sustainable benefit to the institution(s).

JISC is keen to engage with and support senior institutional leadership in addressing their strategic problems and promoting solutions to the wider sector, and to this end, these projects will be promoted as exemplars of good practice and the effective application of technology to improve educational processes.  Projects will therefore also show how they can be taken forward as exemplar solutions, providing benefits to the wider sector

Outcomes and Benefits

The desired outcomes to these benefits are

  • Improvements to the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of educational and administrative processes within the institution(s) related to key areas of institutional concern;
  • Improved leadership to the sector in the role that technology can play in developing effective institutional strategies that address key areas of concern and align ICT with education, research and administrative policies;
  • Institutionally-sustainable technological solutions to problems in key areas of concern, that are aligned to relevant institutional strategies and combine the open standards based and service oriented approaches of the e-Framework for Education and Research ;
  • Enhanced capacity, knowledge and skills within the institution(s) and the wider sector in key areas of institutional concern.

In addition, the projects will enable JISC to:

  • Gain knowledge and experience of key areas of institutional concern from which informed decisions on future technical development projects can be made;
  • Provide guidance to the sector on ‘good practice’ models for using technology to deliver institution-wide, cross-domain improvements in effectiveness and efficiency that can be used at departmental, institutional, regional or national levels.
Projects within the exemplars programme

Project Lead institution
Integrating thin client systems and smart card technology to provide integrated, flexible, accessible and secure e-assessment University of Bradford
Location Independent Working University of Coventry
Federated Local Access Management Environment (FLAME) London School of Economics
Low Carbon ICT  University of Oxford
An Educationally focussed Repository for the University of Southampton (EdSpace) University of  Southampton


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