Between April 2004 – March 2007, the JISC intends to fund significant core middleware development via an open call for proposals. Full details of the call can be found under the funding opportunities section of this site. This will encompass a wide range of activities, from the development and evaluation of tools leading to improved national middleware services, to institutional deployment and use of tools and policies.

Core Middleware: Technology Development programme

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The JISC is funding middleware developments under two programmes.  Information on the Technology Development Programme can be found on this page. See details of the Core Middleware: Infrastructure programme

A definition of middleware can be found on the Middleware Team page, along with links to supporting documents   for the programmes. A roadmap of the JISC Core Middleware programme is also now available which describes the latest timetable and future directions.

For an overview of Shibboleth within the context of the programme,  there is a recent briefing paper called Shibboleth: Connecting People and Resources which contains useful information and links.

Core Middleware: Technology development

The Core Middleware: Technology Development Programme runs between April 2004 – March 2007 and encompasses a wide range of activities; from the development and evaluation of tools leading to improved national middleware services, to institutional deployment and use of tools and policies.  This development will draw on a range of experience gained from JISC development, including the AAA programme, the Shared Services programme, and the recently funded Shared Services and Middleware studies. Work in this area is also expected to contribute to the core JISC Frameworks programme.

The work of the AAA Programme provided an audit of next generation access management technologies in order to inform the development plan for core middleware within the UK.  From this programme, JISC identified key areas of concern (Certificate Authorities, Single Sign-On Technologies, eduPerson specification, policy development within PERMIS) and commissioned work to take these forward as it planned its future programmes of work. The outcomes of the AAA Programme are now being taken forward through the work of the Core Middleware programmes. 

Development is occuring in the following areas:

  • Technology development This programme of work is taking forward key tools within the middleware arena, testing and adding functionality in order to move applications towards production services
  • GRID-oriented development Projects within this area are investigating the specific requirements of eScience and the GRID
  • Portal development This area of work is investigating core middleware requirements for portals
  • Inter-institutional collaborations This strand is investigating the potential of middleware applications within an eLearning environment, particularly to support sharing of data between institutions

A town meeting was held on the 6th February to discuss this programme with the community. The following documents are available from this meeting:

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