The Infrastructure strand of Core Middleware programme will involve the creation of central services to support core middleware, the development of national middleware policies, and programmes of work to allow Early Adopters of the new framework for both Institutions and Resource owners

Core Middleware Infrastructure programme

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As part of an award from the Comprehensive Spending Review, the JISC has launched a programme of work to improve the core middleware infrastructure within the UK.

The programme includes the following components:

Early Adopter programme

JISC is funding a number of institutions to assist them in exploring the adoption of Shibboleth-based technologies. The original  call for proposals is available online.

The following proposals have been approved for funding under that call, and will run from April 2005 - March 2006:

  • ADAMS: Authentication & Delivery across Medical courses using Shibboleth, St George's Hospital Medical School
  • ASMIMA: Shibboleth protection for multiple resources including NHS material, Cardiff University
  • Cheshire at University of Liverpool: Implementing Shibboleth in a Metasearch Environment
  • East Midlands Shibboleth Support: Nottingham Trent University
  • GILEAD: led by the University of Leeds
  • LSIP: Liverpool Shibboleth Implementation Programme, University of Liverpool
  • Metaleth: University of Bristol
  • SAFARI: Shibboleth Authentication for Access to the Resource Infrastructures of the UKDA
  • SAPIR: Shibboleth-enabled Access to Portals and Institutional Resources, University of Newcastle
  • The ShibboLEAP consortium of 6 London colleges: Birkbeck College, Imperial College, King’s College London (KCL), Royal Holloway College, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University College London (UCL). The consortium is being overseen by the London School of Economics (LSE)
  • SWISh: South West Implementation of Shibboleth - University of Exeter
  • UNISA: University of Nottingham Implementation of Shibboleth for Athens

Due to the success of this call, and demand from the community, a second call for Early Adopters was issued in September 2005. The following projects were funded under this call, and will run from November 2005 - October 2006:

  • FEAR - Further Education Access to Resouces, Reid Kerr College.
  • GLASS - Glasgow University Early Adoption of Shibboleth, Glasgow University. 
  • KUSP - Kent University Shibbolised Portal, University of Kent.
  • NABATEA - Thames valley University.
  • SERAPIS - Shibboleth Enabled Repository Access Preservation and Ingest Study, AHDS.
  • ShEILAB - Shibboleth Extended Implementation for eLearning at Bolton, Bolton University.
  • SHORE - SHibboleth Enabling Online Resources, University of Swansea. 
  • Shibboleth User Recognition for PAS, Plagarism Advisory Service, Northumbria Learning. 
  • WALRUS - Wakefield College.

The following Regional e-Learning Pilot Projects, funded through  JISC Circular 07/04 have received additional funding to implement Shibboleth as part of their project:

  • University of Newcastle(EPICS)
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • University of Nottingham(RIPPLL)
  • Liverpool John Moores
  • University of Staffordshire
  • Birkbeck College, University of London(L4ALL)
  • University of Wolverhampton
  • University College Worcester
  • University of Essex(EERN) (Chimera)

MATU: Middleware Assisted Take-Up Service

JISC as awarded Eduserv the contract to operate the Middleware Assisted Take-Up Service (MATU). This service will provide provide a help desk and a central repository of information, advice, training and support for all those institutions taking part in the Shibboleth Early Adopter Programme.

National Data Centres

JISC is providing funding to EDINA and MIMAS  to modify their collection of national services to enable them to be Shibboleth service providers.

The UK Shibboleth Federation

JISC has decided to establish a Shibboleth Federation to cover the research and higher and further education teaching communities in the UK. This will be similar to federations already established in other countries for these communities such as the USA (InCommon), Switzerland (SWITCHaai) and Finland (HAKA).

A document describing the Blueprint for a UK Federation is available for consultation and comment.  Comments on the blueprint are welcome and can be sent, preferably before the end of June 2005, to the JISCmail discussion list JISC-Shibboleth, or to Terry Morrow.

For more information, please contact Nicole Harris


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