The Access and Identity Management (AIM) programme will consider the state of the art in access and identity management, in terms of policy, process and technology.

Access and Identity Management Programme

Access and identity management is about ensuring that staff, students and researchers can access and personalise the online resources they are entitled to by giving appropriate information to the resource provider.  These resources could be online journals, virtual environments to share data and exchange ideas, institutional repositories, grid resources for data storage or computation or even feeds of information, such as RSS. 

Research 3.0 campaign

Previous programmes in this area have focused primarily on the technologies used to provide good access and identity management, with a gradual shift towards exploring the issues around policy and process.  This programme aims to focus on process, policy and technology, exploring innovative new areas in all three and forming a natural complement to work being completed under the Services banner on the UK federation.

Access and Identity Management projects continue to be funded under the Directions: Access and identity management programme.


Start date
1 January 2009
End date
31 March 2011
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