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Cliburn Moss NNR

Cliburn Moss NNR is a basin mire that supports an unusual range of fen, bog and heath communities with several rare and scarce plant species.

ilburn Moss NNR

County: Cumbria

Main habitats: Peatland, fen, heathland, woodland

Why visit: Cliburn Moss is a Site of Special Scientific Interestexternal link because of its mix of fen, basin mire and heath communities. It is an unusual in this area as most of the land is intensively cultivated farmland.

Lyme disease

Ticks are present on this reserve and Lyme disease is present in this area of the country. Visitors are advised to take adequate precautions such as covering arms and legs, and checking for bites after their visit.

Star species: The wide range of habitats supports a variety of species of plants and animals. Some of these have only been recorded recently such as glow-worm and the small skipper butterfly.

The scarce mining bee Ardrena ruficrus can be spotted in the spring. It is found only at one other site in the north-west of England. Uncommon plants include lesser twayblade and bog bilberry.

Access: Much of the site is designated Open Access land. There is a way-marked route which passes through the main habitat types, starting from the car parking area. Although the site is flat, the rough terrain makes it unsuitable for wheelchair users. We recommend that visitors remain on marked trails as the reserve lies on thin peat soils which are easily eroded and damaged. 

We ask that you keep your dog on a lead at all times to protect ground nesting birds and other wildlife such as red squirrels. Please ensure that you clear up after your dog and dispose of waste responsibly.  

Further information

Contact the North Cumbria NNR team on 016973 50005.