You can now get live updates from our National Traffic Operations Centre using Twitter. This service will let you know of any major traffic incidents, along with timely information to help you on your way. Our corporate Twitter account is available here:


Regional Traffic Feeds

So that you can get information relevant to your particular journey, we have eight separate feeds with live traffic information for each region. The service is updated every 15 minutes and every tweet includes a link to our website where you can view full details.










twitter routes map

There is also a feed for cross-Pennine routes, useful during periods of severe weather and three others to cover main holiday routes. The holiday routes are active for the Easter and main summer holidays.



Holiday routes





If you use your mobile phone to receive Twitter updates, don't do it while driving

This is an information-only service. We cannot respond to messages sent via Twitter, please use the contact us section of this website. You can also read our Twitter Policy.