Lean Improvement

Lean tech­niques were first intro­duced into the High­ways Agency’s sup­ply chain in 2009 and the Agency’s Lean jour­ney began in late 2012. These pages will help you under­stand what con­tin­u­ous improve­ment using Lean is all about, whether you are part of the HA Sup­ply Chain or an HA employee.

There are guides and toolk­its and many Knowl­edge Trans­fer Pack sum­maries which are one page overviews of effi­ciency gains result­ing from indi­vid­ual Lean projects, together with pre­sen­ta­tions from our Lean sem­i­nars .  Recent announce­ments con­tain insights into why this approach has proved so suc­cess­ful across the world.

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