Mobile services

We now pro­vide a range of mobile ser­vices specif­i­cally designed to allow our online cus­tomers to stay in touch with our lat­est infor­ma­tion and traf­fic updates on the move. Where delays occur, we want to make sure that you can access and respond to infor­ma­tion quickly.

Mobile web­site

Our new mobile site has been opti­mised for use on all mobile plat­forms  and tablets, pro­vid­ing reg­u­lar updates about the sta­tus of our road net­work and pro­vid­ing the best pos­si­ble expe­ri­ence to users access­ing our infor­ma­tion on smaller screens.

The mobile site pro­vides access to the fol­low­ing key infor­ma­tion services:

  • Traf­fic break­ing news and live updates to inci­dents as soon as they appear across our road network;
  • Cur­rent and planned road­works listed by road, region and county;
  • User loca­tion fea­ture pro­vid­ing tar­get­ted infor­ma­tion based upon your cur­rent net­work location;
  • Motor­way Traf­fic Flow pro­vides real-time aver­age speed infor­ma­tion between junc­tions on our motorways;
  • Lat­est press state­ments and links to con­nect with us across our social media channels.

The mobile site can be found at from your web enabled mobile handset.

There’s no need to remem­ber the new mobile web­site address — we’ll recog­nise you’re on a mobile when you access and redi­rect you to the mobile site, opti­mised for your phone. There’s also a link to direct you back to the main web­site if you pre­fer the full desk­top version.

iPhone app

iPhone/iPad users can take advan­tage of our free “Live Traf­fic Info” app. The app allows you to check how the traf­fic is flow­ing on motor­ways and major A roads in Eng­land before you begin your jour­ney. We only pro­vide infor­ma­tion for roads that we man­age within England.

The app pro­vides traf­fic infor­ma­tion cov­er­ing unplanned inci­dents such as acci­dents and con­ges­tion, plus lane clo­sures and other restric­tions due to improve­ment works.

You can down­load the free app by going to the iTunes store 

See our FAQs for more infor­ma­tion about the app.

Hands-free traf­fic app makes High­ways Agency data avail­able to road users

We also pro­vide a new hands-free ‘app’ for Android and iPhone users.  Find out more.


We’d wel­come your feed­back on any of our cur­rent mobile ser­vices and sug­ges­tion on how we can fur­ther improve our infor­ma­tion for mobile users.

Please con­tact our infor­ma­tion line at or 0300 123 5000.

Please remem­ber: NEVER use a mobile phone while driving