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Trade marks

About trade marks (brands)

  • What is a trade mark (brand)?
  • Benefits of registration
  • Further advice
  • Trade mark quiz

Applying for a trade mark

  • Before you apply
  • How to apply
  • How we classify goods and services
  • After you apply

Managing/renewing your trade marks

  • Renewing and changing your trade mark
  • Exploiting your trade mark
  • Enforcing your trade mark
  • Trade marks abroad

Other people's trade marks

  • Recently published applications
  • Using and buying trade marks
  • Objecting, challenging and monitoring trade marks
  • Trade mark infringement

Fast Facts

  • You can apply online and receive a discount or use our Right Start service.
  • Trade marks have to be renewed every 10 years
  • A brand is much more than a trade name, sign, symbol, slogan or anything used to identify a specific product, service or business.

Trade marks and company names

To help clarify the difference between a trade mark and a company name, Companies House provide a useful table explaining the functions performed by the different offices.