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Learn about the different IP types Why should I protect my IP?
Intellectual property (IP) is any form of original creation that can be bought or sold - from music to machinery. The four main types of IP rights are patents, trade marks, designs and copyright but there are many other ways to protect your IP.

IP for education

From Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Ideas External Link to the Think kit here's where students and teachers can find IP information.

How to use IP?

Find out what you need to think about from the beginnings of an idea to starting a new business and marketing / manufacturing your product or service.

Shape IP Policy

Tell us what you think IP should look like through our consultations.

Research & knowledge transfer

Find out more about IP in relation to research in higher education institutions and research establishments.

Fast Facts

  • Patents protect the processes that make things work
  • Trade marks protect logos that distinguish goods and services
  • Designs protect the look of three-dimensional shapes
  • Copyright protects material only when it is written down or recorded

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