The Company Names Tribunal

It is advisable to read all information, including the fact sheet, before submitting an application form

Please use the new version of the application form, CNA1, which refers to the joining of officers of the company as co-respondents. If an application to the Tribunal is successful, co-respondents have a legal duty under Section 73(1)(b)(i) of the Companies Act 2006 to take all steps as are within their power to make, or facilitate the making of a change of name to one which is not an offending name. If the name is not changed by the date ordered to a name which is not an offending name, the Adjudicator will determine a new name for the company.

Under Section 73(1)(b)(ii) of the Companies Act 2006, co-respondents have a legal duty not to cause or permit any steps to be taken calculated to result in another company being registered with an offending name; this includes the current company. If the application is successful, co-respondents will be liable for costs, jointly and severally, with the company.

The practice notices have been consolidated into a practice direction.

Any new or amended practices will appear in the practice direction and a note will appear on the website to advise of the new or amended practice.

Please note that the scale of costs has been increased in respect of awards for preparing statements of case and evidence. The scale can be found at paragraph 10.1.1 of the Practice Direction.

Reviewed 22 January 2014