New Tunisian Ambassador in London

I was delighted to meet the new Tunisian Ambassador to the UK, Hatem Atallah, a highly experienced diplomat with a distinguished career.


I was struck by how much overlap there was between the objectives I am charged with in Tunis and those he is charged with in London. Trade and investment are by definition win-win, so we share the objective of maximising both. The same goes for political and security co-operation and educational and cultural links. And we both want to ensure visitors from each country to the other have trouble-free stays.
So there is much potential for the Ambassador and I to work together. Even better if we can help support the wider networks of people involved in the relationship between Tunisian and the UK. There are a number of these, including the British Council, ATUGE, the British Tunisian Society, the British Tunisian Chamber of Commerce, the Maghreb Network and of course the alumni from each country who have studied in the other including under the Chevening Scholarship scheme.
It is good to be part of such a team.

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