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Two days ago the British Embassy tried something we had never done before, when I chaired a Facebook discussion on the safety of Journalists.

It generated a lot of interest and many thought-provoking comments. Those who commented did so in a constructive and positive spirit, and made this a fascinating experience for me. I have to admit that there were many more questions than answers.

Ambassador Stokes chaired the online discussion on facebook on safety of journalist on 19 June 2013

Ambassador Stokes chaired the online discussion on facebook on safety of journalists on 19 June 2013

I know that not everyone would have felt comfortable taking part. But I was pleased that the Embassy was able to do this. Even ten years ago we could not have had a discussion like that in Vietnam, or anywhere: Facebook did not exist.

The transformation of the way news is told across the world is proving a powerful opportunity for business, universities, civil society, individual citizens, and governments too. A free flow of ideas, if enabled, can enhance a country’s prosperity, stability and prestige.

I pay tribute once more to all the fine Vietnamese media professionals in journalism and in government on Vietnam Revolutionary Journalism Day. I am proud that Britain continues to support Vietnam’s efforts to create a more open and safe working environment for the media, and I am grateful to all our partners, notably to the Ministry of Information and Communications, for their work with us. Thanks also to BBC Vietnamese for linking to our discussion.

I hope we will be able to have more online discussions with you all through social media. Please look out for that.

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  1. Ingo-Steven Wais says:

    Dear Antony ,
    after I had raed your poroper report quite often ( because of these very useful 4 additional links ), it ´s really interesting to me of how much activities you have made in re. of the safety of Journalists. For it also means a support for this well-described “transformation of the way, news…”. Most notable to me : This free flow of ideas. That ´s to me also a reason, why Britains support for Vietnamese efforts for an open and safe media can ´t be underestimated. By the way : What a very fascinating BBC Vietnamese – link ! That ´s surely also a raeson for me to keep on looking forwardfor more “free” and “safe” online discussions with people from all across of the world.So , I will also looking out for that. Best wishes , Hawyl faur ond liebe Grüßle,
    Ingo-Steven Wais , Stuttgart/Cardif/Caerdydd

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