Arsenal dreams finally come true for “The Running Man”

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The Arsenal fan who ran for five kilometres alongside the team bus in Hanoi, surviving collisions with a lamp-post and a tree, got the players singing “sign him up” to Arsene Wenger who was sitting at the front.  After leaping onto a motorbike, he was eventually invited on board where the players signed his shirt and took pictures.

Goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny tells the story in a video posted on the Arsenal website.  You can see how impressed they players were when Vu Xuan Tien took off his shirt and revealed an “impressive six-pack”.

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The Running man Vu Xuan Tien. Photo by:

Just another of Arsenal’s amazing fans in Vietnam.

Thinking it would be impossible, I asked Vietnam Football Federation Vice Chairman Le Hung Dung over lunch yesterday whether we could get “the running man” a ticket for today’s match.  Mr Dung is also Chairman of EximBank. He immediately picked up the phone and two minutes later told me a ticket would be on its way.

Vietnamese “can do” attitude?  In his video, Wojciech Szczesny’s message is: “if you really want to pursue your dreams, it can happen”.

Let’s hope for a great match this evening and another boost to sporting links between Britain and Vietnam.

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  1. Eric T. Brown says:

    This is the kind of love we have for this team called Arsenal FC,Mr. Wenger how long will you keep our heads down. We love this team,when Arsenal lost a game i get stomach sick to even eat becomes difficult for me. Please do your best to acquire the players we need to take us there i mean where we were. We are winners let get back there.

    • josh says:

      Yes, Eric, that’s the kind of ‘fanatical’ love we fans have for Arsenal! When Arsenal did badly, we couldn’t sleep over the nights. So A.Wenger has to add some ‘top quality’ players to spearhead and strengthen the squad! Bring back the glorious days, please!

  2. Minh Hai says:

    What a cute little story. I also liked the way Mr Wojciech Szczesny telling the story. Hope the team enjoyed their stay in Vietnam.

    All the best of luck for the friendly match!

  3. Quydoan says:

    It’s amazing, the first premier league football team comes Vietnam. You are welcome. I’m not a fan of Arsenal but now, I like The Gunner. Arsenal not only brings a true love of football to Vietnam, but also bring a professional behavior in Playing football. Thank Arsenal.

  4. Abiodun Ogundipe says:

    Arsenal should bring back their lost glory this time around. All eyes are you.

  5. arsenid says:

    I have been very very impressed watching the video since the beginning. Like, wow, running. He looks really fit and has no trouble in running. When it is close to the end, my attention goes to his six pack abs. Unbelievable. Inspiring.

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