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Today we launched Human Rights and Democracy: The 2011 Foreign & Commonwealth Office Report. It’s the third year I’ve been involved in the launch of the FCO’s annual human rights report, and each year, we’ve been increasing our online activity to promote it.

As with last year, the report is available online at, where visitors can read, print, share and comment on the report as a whole or by section. Following user feedback, we’ve made some key improvements. Last year, we used Scribd to make the report available by section, and to allow users to embed the report or specific sections into their own sites. This year, we’ve scrapped that in favour of html web pages that are easier to read and can be printed and shared more easily in a wider range of ways.

2011 was an extremely eventful year, and we really want to encourage discussion of this report and our human rights work, so for the first time we’ve introduced a widget. If you have a blog or website, you can add a widget to your site linking through to the sections you are interested in – find out more in our Get involved section of the report site. See the right hand column of my blog for an example of how the widget can be used.

We will continue to publish updates on our work and key developments in countries where we have particular concern every three months, and have added two new countries – Fiji and South Sudan. This year, for the first time, quarterly updates for our countries of concern have their own pages. This makes them easier to navigate, and we can also collect comments on these updates separately from those on the main report. Reports for the first three months of 2012 are already live on the site.

We’d welcome comments on both the content of the report, and its presentation. Please do visit and leave your comments and questions, or comment on this blog. To keep informed about our human rights work around the world, you might also want to follow us on Twitter @FCOHumanRights.

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