Piktochart: an experiment in explaining our work through visualisation

Last week, the UK Team of Experts on preventing sexual violence in conflict came to the Foreign Office for the first time, and met Foreign Secretary William Hague. Recruited from many professions, the Team will be deployed to several conflict-affected countries during 2013 to carry out vital work – from providing support to victims of sexual violence to assisting with investigations and prosecutions.

To explain who the Team of Experts are and what they do in a simple visual format, we’ve used the free tool Piktochart to create the infographic below. We hope that our partners and those supportive of our Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative will share this widely to build awareness. You can do so from our social media channels or download it from Flickr. This is the first time we’ve used Piktochart, and I’ll be evaluating this experiment to refine our approach for the future.

To complement this with a more personal perspective, I interviewed two of the Experts about their experiences on the Team’s first deployment in December 2012, to the Syrian Border region. The video below the infographic gives an insight into the skills the Team have, and the importance of their work. Scroll down to watch it – and of course, you can share this using the social buttons or embed code too.

PSVI infographic

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