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Electoral data

How the figures are used

The Boundary Commission for England is using the 2011 electorate figures for the 2013 Review of Parliamentary constituency boundaries. The Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011 has amended the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 1986 and makes this a requirement.

Figures covered

Each district council in England supplies the Population Estimates Unit of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) with a statistical return each year showing the number of electors on the electoral register that is published each year on 1 December. The spreadsheet has the number of Parliamentary electors in each ward in each district in England for 1 December 2010 (the 2011 electorate figures).

Guide to using the spreadsheets

You can find the spreadsheets for each region on the regional pages. For each region, the spreadsheets are arranged as follows:

  • an initial tab with our proposed constituencies, their electorate, the amount the electorate varies from the electoral quota, that variance as a percentage, and the size in square kilometres of the proposed constituency
  • a number of further tabs, one for each sub-region within the region. These tabs contain our proposed constituencies, with the area of each district they contain; and then a list of wards in each district and their proposed constituency. The wards also have their ONS codes, for easy identification (see below). Underneath each district is shown the name of the Statutory Instrument that created the wards in that district. To view the relevant Statutory Instruments, please go to

Figures for existing constituencies

You can view the figures for the current existing constituencies that were published in early 2011:

East Midlands

Eastern region


North East

North West

South East

South West

West Midlands

Yorkshire and the Humber

About ONS statistics

To learn more about the ONS ward codes, please go to

To contact the Population Estimates Unit, please email

To view the 2010 release of electoral statistics, please go to

Further information

If you have a query about the figures in a worksheet, require any further explanations or want previous figures, please contact Gerald Tessier at the Boundary Commission by telephone on 020 7276 1326 or by emailing


Current number of constituencies:

Proposed number of constituencies: