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The 2013 Review of Parliamentary constituency boundaries

The Boundary Commission for England is an independent and impartial public body, which reviews all Parliamentary constituency boundaries in England every five years. The current review ? which must report to Parliament by October 2013 ? is being carried out under new rules laid down in the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011.

What?s changing?

The new rules mean there will be substantial changes to Parliamentary constituencies in England. These include:

  • reducing the total number of constituencies from 533 to 502; and
  • making sure that each constituency contains a similar number of registered electors.

How did we work out our proposals?

We first calculated the electoral quota. This is the number of registered electors in the UK divided by the number of constituencies (not including four exempt constituencies ? please see A guide to the 2013 Review for more details on how the electoral quota is worked out).

The current electoral quota is 76,641. Every constituency ? except two covering the Isle of Wight ? must have a number of registered electors that is no more than 5% lower


Current number of constituencies:

Proposed number of constituencies: