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Home credit market investigation

Date of referral: 20.12.04        Statutory deadline: 19.12.06

Final report and Appendices & Glossary

Date published: 30.11.06

Final report
Summary (PDF, 215 Kb) 
Section 1: Introduction (PDF, 113 Kb) 
Section 2: Description of the product (PDF, 324 Kb) 
Section 3: Findings on market outcomes (PDF, 373 Kb) 
Section 4: Competition from other forms of lending (product market definition) (PDF, 312 Kb) 
Section 5: Constraint imposed by entry and expansion (PDF, 173 Kb) 
Section 6: Competition in the home credit market (PDF, 316 Kb) 
Section 7: Conclusions (PDF, 111 Kb) 
Section 8: Features which prevent, restrict or distort competition (PDF, 68 Kb) 
Section 9: Remedies (PDF, 284 Kb) 


Appendices & Glossary
(The numbering of the appendices indicates the chapters to which they relate.)
Appendices contents (PDF, 15 Kb) 
Appendix 1.1: Terms of reference (PDF, 89 Kb) 
Appendix 1.2: Broader public interest concerns (PDF, 123 Kb) 
Appendix 1.3: Provision of evidence (PDF, 76 Kb) 
Appendix 1.4: Documents published on CC website (PDF, 114 Kb) 
Appendix 2.1: Credit scoring, data sharing and home credit (PDF, 155 Kb) 
Appendix 2.2: Information sharing: Principles of reciprocity (PDF, 202 Kb) 
Appendix 2.3: Renewal loans (PDF, 277 Kb) 
Appendix 2.4: Large and medium providers (PDF, 106 Kb) 
Appendix 2.5: Evolution of home credit customers’ profiles over time (PDF, 104 Kb) 
Appendix 3.1: APRs (PDF, 174 Kb) 
Appendix 3.2: Effective interest rate analysis (PDF, 135 Kb) 
Appendix 3.3: Republic of Ireland (PDF, 226 Kb) 
Appendix 3.4: Early settlement rebates (PDF, 275 Kb) 
Appendix 3.5: Cost of capital for UK home credit lenders (PDF, 238 Kb) 
Appendix 3.6: Provisional assessment of profitability, using return on capital employed (PDF, 475 Kb) 
Appendix 3.7: Revised assessment of profitability, using return ROCE (PDF, 192 Kb) 
Appendix 4.1: Econometric analysis of price sensitivity of home credit loans (PDF, 108 Kb) 
Appendix 4.2: A visual analysis of cross-price sensitivities and switching between different home credit products by the same provider (PDF, 158 Kb) 
Appendix 4.3: A visual analysis of the correlation between home credit and mainstream credit prices (PDF, 109 Kb) 
Appendix 9.1: Data sharing and access to credit (PDF, 171 Kb) 
Appendix 9.2: Analysis of different ESR deferment regimes (PDF, 137 Kb) 
Glossary (PDF, 98 Kb) 
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