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What is RSS?

RSS mini logo RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication'.

If a website is using RSS you can subscribe and get updates whenever new content is posted.

Instead of navigating to individual websites to check whether there's new content, by subscribing to RSS feeds you can just check your RSS reader and view updated content from all your favourite sites. The content comes to you, instead of you going to different websites to find it.

RSS readers and how to use them

RSS mini logo RSS readers come in different types, such as software on your computer, an application on your mobile phone or a website. With online readers it's easy to bookmark the address of your reader and visit it when you want to see new content. There are lots of RSS readers available that usually only require a quick registration, and many of them are free. Examples include Google Reader and Bloglines – just do a search online.

You can subscribe to a limitless number of feeds in your reader and view them all together.

RSS mini logo What's new

RSS mini logo Latest News Releases

RSS mini logo Speeches

How to find RSS feeds

Look for the universal RSS logo RSS mini logo. Most modern web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 and above) will display available RSS feeds within the browser window and options of how to subscribe.

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