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CC rules and guidance

CC rules and guidance

Merger inquiries

Market investigations

Reviews of undertakings

Telecoms appeals

Energy code appealsPostal services appealsEnergy licence appeals Airport licence appeals NHS tarrif references
CC1 – CC Rules of Procedure (PDF, 254 Kb) 

CC2 –Merger Assessment Guidelines (PDF, 845 Kb) 

CC2 (summary) - A Quick Guide to UK Merger Assessment (PDF, 461 Kb) 

CC3 – Guidelines for market investigations (PDF, 953 Kb) 

CC4 – General advice and information (PDF, 1.6 Mb) 

CC5 – Statement of Policy on Penalties (PDF, 299 Kb) 

CC6 – Chairman's Guidance to Groups (PDF, 326 Kb) 

CC7 – Chairman's Guidance on Disclosure of Information in Merger and Market Inquiries (PDF, 323 Kb) 

CC8 – Merger Remedies (PDF, 392 Kb) 

CC9 – Water Merger References (PDF, 770 Kb) 


CC10 – CC: The Energy Code Modification Rules (PDF, 668 Kb) 

CC11 – Guide to Appeals in Energy Code Modification Cases (PDF, 643 Kb) 

CC12 – Disclosure of information by the CC to other public authorities (PDF, 268 Kb) 

CC13 Price control appeals under section 193 of the Communications Act 2003 (PDF, 372 Kb) 

CC14 Competition Commission Energy Licence Modification Appeals Rules (PDF, 267 Kb) 

CC15 Energy Licence Modification Appeals: Competition Commission Guide (PDF, 250 Kb) 

CC16 Competition Commission Postal Services Price Control Appeals Rules (PDF, 226 Kb) 

CC17 Postal Services Price Control Appeals: Competition Commission Guide (PDF, 150 Kb) 

CC18 Merger Procedural Guidelines - to assist parties and their advisers involved in merger inquiries (PDF, 551 Kb) 

CC19 -Competition Commission Airport Licence Condition Appeal Rules (PDF, 249 Kb) 
CC20 - Airport Licence Condition Appeal Rules: Competition Commission Guide (PDF, 277 Kb) 
CC21 - National Tariff Methodology Reference Rules under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 (PDF, 188 Kb) 
CC22 - National Tariff Methodology Reference Rules under the Health and Social Care Act 2012: Guide (PDF, 226 Kb) 

* = For mergers of water utility companies

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