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From 1 April 2014 the Competition Commission is abolished and its functions transferred to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). There will be no further updates to this website after 31 March.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) brings together the Competition Commission (CC) and the competition and certain consumer functions of the OFT. The CMA takes on its full powers and responsibilities on 1 April 2014.


Corporate governance

The CC’s corporate governance arrangements and details of the systems and processes which are used to control and direct the CC.

The CC's key corporate governance documents are:

The Framework Document is drawn up by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in consultation with the CC. This document, together with the Financial Memorandum, sets out the broad framework and parameters within which the CC will operate. The Financial Memorandum then sets out in greater detail certain aspects of the financial framework within which the CC is required to operate.

The CC’s governance and committee structure is explained by an organagram (PDF, 156 Kb) .

Terms of Reference for Key CC Committees:

Between them these five documents outline the role of the CC’s decision-making body and the roles and behaviours governing the individuals who sit on the CC’s Council.

You can also find details of the specialist groups that support the CC’s inquiry work in terms of helping the CC’s Chairman determine the CC’s Rules of Procedure, and Council to issue guidance on penalties, mergers and market inquiries.

Within the CC’s inquiry work you will find the CC’s conflict of interest policy and a separate code of practice for CC members (PDF, 82 Kb)  working on inquiries.

The CC’s outputs and budgets and expenditure can be found in its Business Plan and Annual Report and Accounts.

In terms of openness in the CC's decision making you will find its transparency data, which contains details of staffing pay data and financial data, minutes from Council meetings, details of expenditure on travel and subsistence, the Freedom of Information policy and the Publication Scheme, as well as details of its procurement objectives

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