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The closure of Commission for Rural Communities is effective

 from 31 March 2013


The website of the Commission for Rural Communities (CRC) has been archived in preparation for closure.

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Archiving has taken place in two phases. The Commission’s original website was archived at end of March 2011, shortly after the Government announced that it planned to abolish the organisation under the Public Bodies Act. The substantial number of reports and policy papers produced by the Commission between its inception in 2006, and the announcement of its closure, can be found on the original archive site. That site also includes papers for Commission meetings during that period.

Between April 2011 and January 2013 the CRC conducted various studies in order to continue to fulfil its statutory purpose to promote awareness of the social and economic needs of people who live and work in rural areas. The reports produced by the Commission during this period can be accessed via the links on the menu bar at the left hand side of this page. Other material produced during 2011-13, such as papers for Commission meetings, press releases, and the CRC’s Annual Report and Accounts, can be found on the News and Events page. In addition, a number of key documents produced by the CRC between 2006 and 2011 can be accessed from links on the Documents page.

Defra is the rural department within Government and Defra Ministers act as rural champions, promoting the interests and needs of rural people, communities and businesses. The Government has created new rural policy functions in Defra. The Rural Communities Policy Unit (RCPU) will support Defra Ministers, acting as a centre of rural expertise.  


Defra is committed to ensuring that the research carried out by the CRC continues to be accessible to external parties.  Defra’s rural evidence and research will also be made available through Defra’s rural pages on the new .GOV.UK website, which will go live from 1st April, 2013.


To find out more about the work of the Rural Communities Policy Unit or to contact RCPU Officers, please email:

Page last modified: January 31, 2013