Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier to the Connection Vouchers Scheme.  We are now accepting new applications to join the list of registered suppliers for all 22 cities.

The principles behind the supplier registration process are as follows:

  • The Connection Vouchers Scheme is open to any supplier that meets our minimum assurance standard. It’s a simple process that we tested with independent industry bodies to make sure it is fit for purpose.
  • We are interested in having a wide range of suppliers on the register to give businesses a good choice of technology and pricing options for their connection.
  • We are providing Connection Vouchers to businesses to give them the final say on the kind of service they purchase.  We hope that this scheme will increase the size of the market for all suppliers by showing businesses the benefits of connecting.
  • The Connection Voucher will only pay for capital costs of connection i.e. the installation charges.  An explanation of the eligible costs is included in the Supplier Registration Form. It is important that all suppliers understand the scope of eligible costs and are clear on which costs can (and which cannot) be funded by the Scheme.

If you would like to register as a supplier, please use this link: Supplier Registration