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How I want to use the connection

Please answer the questions below to help suppliers to understand what kind of service you might need. Answers to the right of the lists will mean you need a faster speed or higher grade line than answers to the left.

Please remember that this may mean that there are few or no supply options available if the budget is very low.

Could you share the connection cost with anyone else?

This form will be shared with the cities participating in Connection Vouchers Scheme and with all suppliers registered under the scheme. Except where required by law, we will not share the information you provide on this form for any other purpose.

We cannot guarantee that any suppliers will respond to your request. To protect you from repeated contacts, we only make your details available to suppliers for two weeks. If you have not had contact after that time, please try completing the form again.

You are likely to get fewer contacts from suppliers the more specific you are about technology choices and the lower your budget, so if you’re not being offered quotes, try changing those settings.