Improved NHS e-Referrals consultation launched

To help deliver Jeremy Hunt’s vision of a paperless NHS by 2018, NHS England has launched a vision and consultation for an improved electronic patient referral service for the NHS.

Building on the benefits and successes of the current Choose and Book system, as well as learning lessons from it, the new service will evolve to meet the needs of the NHS – while improving patient outcomes and experiences.

An initial 5-month consultation period with healthcare professionals will be followed by consultation with patients. Findings from the consultations will help develop a system that is simpler to use, adopts the latest technology, and provides an improved service for users and better experience for patients.

NHS England would like to engage with as many healthcare professionals as possible and welcome feedback from anyone involved with patient referrals.

Visit for more information.

This 5-minute animation explains the vision:

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3 Responses to Improved NHS e-Referrals consultation launched

  1. john somner says:

    From the point of view of ophthalmology it is very important to consider how you incorporate optometry services into this vision. GP’s add little to the optometry referral and most of the key information comes from the optometrist. There are a range of established proformas for referring patients with possible, cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and AMD. This would be fairly easy to systematise and ophthalmology actually represents a large outpatient specialty seeing thousands of cases per annum. If you don’t fix this part of the referral process then you’ll have missed a fairly large part of the picture.

    • Liz Niman says:

      Thanks very much for raising this issue. We have forwarded your comments to policy colleagues to consider.

      • Paula Smith says:

        Can you confirm that Optometrists will have access to the system?

        Will it be web-based?

        They currently do not have an N3 connection as GP’s do, so can you tell me the mechanism for Optoms?

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