Our ways of working

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 has made changes to the way health care is regulated in order to strengthen the way patients' interests are promoted and protected.

As the sector regulator of NHS-funded health care services, our main duty is to protect and promote the interests of patients. It is vital that we maintain the high level of integrity, expertise and care for our work that we have demonstrated since we were created in 2003.

Our staff

Monitor staff are highly skilled and passionate about the healthcare sector. Our staff have a diverse range of experience including healthcare, regulatory and commercial sectors and are committed to helping trusts operate efficiently and effectively to ensure that patients receive the care that they need.

Working with providers, commissioners and the local health economy

Monitor listens to the views of stakeholders, takes an objective analysis of all the evidence at hand and above all prioritises the needs of patients in all the decisions that it makes. For this reason it is vital that we have an effective working relationship with the trusts that we regulate as well as commissioners and other stakeholders in a trust's local area.

Working with partner organisations

As part of the regulatory system Monitor works with a number of different partners on a daily basis to help share information and ensure that the health service is run smoothly. It is important that we work closely and collaboratively with the Department of Health, the NHS England and the Care Quality Commission whilst at the same time retaining our ability to view a situation independently.

Bringing in expertise

Monitor occasionally contracts secondees from other organisations to work on specific projects or will engage consultants where third party review or a particular expertise is required for a short period of time. For these appointments we follow a rigorous competitive tendering process to ensure value for money is achieved. Monitor has close oversight of all work conducted on its behalf and has final authority for all decisions taken.