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Chemical accidents

ARCHIVE: Chemical accidents

Guidance on the Interpretation of Major Accident to the Environment for the Purposes of the COMAH Regulations

The duty on operators under the COMAH Regulations is to take all measures necessary to prevent major accidents and limit their consequences to persons and the environment.

Whilst much of this guidance is related to particularly rare or valued features of the environment, often part of designated sites, the duty is to protect the whole environment from the potentially devastating effects of a major accident such as those occurring in the past at Seveso or to the River Rhine following the chemical warehouse fire at Basle.

Environmental Sampling After a Chemical Accident

This report is intended to provide guidance on the sampling procedures necessary to assess the extent and nature of environmental contamination following a chemical accident. Its intended users included industrial chemists on relevant sites, local authority environmental health officers and Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency inspections and pollution control officers.

It provides additional guidance for implementation of the Seveso II Directive. The report is not intended for a lay readership and assumes a basic scientific knowledge and a level of technical expertise regarding measurements and sampling techniques.

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